Google Play Game Services. Some thoughts.

Google Play Game Services. Some thoughts.


I hadn’t really meant to write an editorial but felt the need to share my thoughts on the new service Google rolled out recently. I’m checking every title now to see if it has real-time multiplayer, leaderboards, achievements and cloud saves.  As I check, I see more and more adding the new features, which is awesome. We haven’t really seen many killer real-time multiplayer games yet but surely that won’t be too far away. Keep an eye out for Riptide GP 2 by Vector Unit. You may have played the first version but 2 added with playing your friends will be brilliant.
Being a little bit bored of all the endless runner and Zombie titles. I honestly thought things were getting a bit repetitive with mobile gaming. Buy to win or even purchase to speed up tactics from the big publishers kind of felt dirty to me and playing games that didn’t really feel right on a phone or tablet was also something I found pretty often too. Then Google Play Game Services came along…..
Now I see guys from my circles setting high scores and sharing their results. You want to beat them to feel that little bit of satisfaction and brings that little bit of competitiveness to give it another go. Adding some very well planned achievements which are reachable but not too easy, makes you want to grab them all. Saying that, some are just silly and you’d never get it in a bazilion years. 
So ah.. Thanks Google. I’m enjoying playing on my devices again and looking forward to what’s coming. 
(Now give me a Google TV box with gaming and a nice control pad so I can hook it up to my TV, OK thanks.)
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