Punch Quest – Review

Punch Quest – Review


Punch Quest – Review

Punch Quest is on paper a side scrolling game, but when you play it you’ll see its so much more. You move by punching and if you stop punching you die, mix that in with old school RPG graphics and you have a great game. Hitting the left side of the screen uppercuts and slams opponents downward, while hitting the right performs a straightforward punch. As you move through the game you build up a meter of three special attacks, purchasable with the punchos (points) you earn each level. Each attack is unique. They can be anything from temporary invulnerability, hadouken-like punches or increased enemy spawns.


Attacks also vary with punches only stunning an enemy, while if you press uppercut twice you’ll slam enemies into each other which is perfect for high-scoring combos. The better you perform in a level, the more punchos (coins) you can earn, these are useful for upgrading your character’s skills, giving him new gear, better super moves, or simply buying one time use items. Yes there are IAP’s but these are not a required purchase to complete the game, you can continue quite happily and never spend a dime.


I love the RPG arcade style graphics, it looks great for this game and plays well with the style of game. Enemies are nice and varied, with different dungeons featuring a different collection of enemies and obstacles. Reach the end of a dungeon, and you’ll be greeted with an challenging boss fight. Its also good to note that you can play this in either portrait or landscape, something which isn’t common with a lot of games.

Punch Quest can be bought now for only 63p, so for a great side scroller filled with nostalgia, download Punch quest now.

Link for the game is included below:



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