Review: SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds V5.0


I’ve got another pair of wireless earbuds here to stick in your ears! This time they come from SoundPEATS. A pretty well know name in budget wearable audio devices. Although, if familiar you may noticed that their logo has changed. They also want to me sure you notice by providing a small placard in the box at announces such.


Lets take a look at what inside this blue labeled little black box. Upon opening you’ll find a small compact oval charging pod, which is home to the 2 earbuds with a form factor that could slightly resemble Apple Airpods, although they’re black and not as sleek. The earbuds still have a nice design behind them allowing for good portability, small, and easy to handle. Included you’ll find extra interchangeable ear tips, a USB changing cable and user manual.


These Soundpeats bluetooth earbuds are definitely better than the last bluetooth earbuds I reviewed by Dubious. These sit slightly better in my ear, and come close to the same quality audio of my SoundPEATS Force Q38s which I wear everyday around the office. The highs and lows could be a bit more crisp. Noticing thought numerous genres of music, the bass and or treble, just didn’t hit quite right. The call quality was acceptable, but could be improved. I guess we should try not to forget we talking about budget friendly earbuds here.

These definitely won’t replace my Q38s. They are not practical in my situation, and are likely to fall out of my ear when walking. As I’ve mentioned before, if these completely wireless earbuds had ear tips with ear hooks, they would stay in better. For me having a wire connecting the 2 earbuds work great for removing and hanging around the neck. I’m convinced that this type of wireless design just isn’t practical for all day, everyday use. Save for the couple of co-workers that have their Airpods in. They can’t hear this anyway.

They include touch control, so there are no mechanical buttons. This could take a bit getting used to when adjusting them in your ears. Likely you’ll hit the spot on the earbuds, and accidentally pause or other action. But you’ll get use to it. They can run for 4hrs on a charge. With the charging case offering the ability to charge the earbuds 5 times before needing a charge itself. They turn on and pair immediately when removing from the charging pod. Also included is voice assistance via Siri or Google Assistant


These True Wireless Earbuds V5.0s are a decent choice. If you like the concept of totally wireless earbuds, give them a try. At around $40, I’d consider a little high for my taste. But that’s just me. I’ve given our readers a little insight into what I thought after a couple weeks of use. Make your own decision, find the earbuds that work best for you and try them out. Enjoy!

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