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How To Protect Your VR Gear

Your VR headset might look like any other gadget out of the box. In fact, many people toss it anywhere around their room after a virtual reality experience. It might not seem like a significant habit at first but, with time, you’ll start to see the effects. Your gear might deteriorate in quality, which will directly impact how you enjoy this amazing technology. That said, fortunately, there are se...[Read More]

How to watch the OnePlus 8T Launch Event on October 14

 OnePlus 8T launch event will be held on October 14 at 3PM UK time.   The company has always spared no expense to deliver an unprecedented “fast and smooth” experience to its users. The upcoming OnePlus 8T will feature a handful of exciting technologies, including a freshly calibrated 120Hz Fluid Display – the first flat display to earn an A+ overall rating from DisplayMate – and the newest W...[Read More]

How to Ensure HIPAA Compliance Using AWS

While AWS provides customers with infrastructure that can be configured in a AWS HIPAA compliance manner, it is up to your team to setup security measures and manage HIPAA regulations in the cloud. Many organizations ask the question of how to ensure HIPAA compliance in Amazon Web Services. AWS provides many of the resources needed for complying with HIPAA. Your team must figure out how to  secure...[Read More]

How to Convert PDF to JPG: Three Easy Ways

Are you trying to figure out how to convert a PDF to JPG? Well, worry no longer. Here are a few different options for your conversion needs! Do you have a PDF file that you want to turn into a JPG file, but don’t know how? More and more people are using PDF files as the standard file format, whether it’s for business or education. It’s likely that you’ve come across one and...[Read More]

How to Get Rid of Unnecessary Computer Files

Is your computer or laptop running out of storage quickly? If you need to clear up some space to help boost your device’s performance, you might think a quick delete command is all you need. But, whether you have a PC or Mac, there are specific things you need to look into to ensure that the process is being done properly. The following are a few quick notes to keep in mind as you work to ensure t...[Read More]

How To Get The Best Deal in Buying The Best Mini Spy Camera

How To Get The Best Deal in Buying The Best Mini Spy Camera   Securing one’s valuables is an essential quest nowadays. People want to be constantly assured that their important possessions are safe and sound when they are not around. Technology has made it so much easier for people to protect their valuables and be able to keep an eye on them at all times. Through various technological means,...[Read More]

Tips On How To Schedule Automated Marketing Reports

Any business today is going to ask for updates and reports. Entrepreneurs and managers alike have learned to master the art of keeping documentation down to the “T.” When you think of reports, more often than not, you think of pages upon pages of boring and nonsensical information, meant for the number crunchers and the statisticians. But that’s all changed. With the advent of the internet, report...[Read More]

Binge Anywhere: How to Watch Netflix Offline

Did you know that you can download Netflix content from your phone, tablet, or PC? Here’s how to watch Netflix offline on any device.   The average Netflix customer uses the service 10 hours a week, or 40 hours a month. It’s single-handedly started a revolution in the way we get our TV fix. But the revolution has some growing pains. As nice as Netflix is, what happens when you don...[Read More]

Invest In Transportation For Your Next Event Without Breaking The Bank

How To Invest In Transportation For Your Next Event Without Breaking The Bank   There’s always that one day in the calendar that is marked as a special day. For some it’s their birthday, for others it’s their wedding day, and for others, it’s the day they finally get to graduate from school. Whatever it may be that you’re celebrating, everything about it should be special and memorable. Let’s...[Read More]

How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Smoke Free

Having a kitchen that is safe and tidy is healthy and refreshing. Sources from the US Center for Disease Control say that a dirty kitchen is a home to different bacteria types that are responsible for over eighty million illnesses reported in the US every year. Read through for an easy way to keep your cooking area clean and smoke-free.   1.Clear the Clutter  Easier said than done, huh? Nonet...[Read More]

How to Torrent Safely on an Android Device

Unlike the hoops that need jumping through to torrent on an iDevice, torrenting on an Android phone, tablet, or even TV is very easy. The process, indeed, is almost identical to torrenting on a desktop computer!   How to torrent on an Android device Install a BitTorrent app. There are plenty of these available in the Google Play Store or, for the privacy conscious, in F-Droid.  For this guide...[Read More]

How to Choose the Best Managed Hosting Providers For Your Website

Looking for a reliable managed hosting service for your business website? Here’s how to choose between good and great managed hosting providers… Most people don’t host their web servers these days. It costs too much money to get up and running. Why do that when you could spend a few bucks every month for managed hosting? The managed hosting industry has grown a lot over the past ...[Read More]