Urban Armour S8 Case Review

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Urban Armour S8 Case Review

UAG are well known for providing an elite brand of cases for a wide range of devices. You can imagine how overjoyed I was when I received one in the post to review for my S8. I have a great deal of respect for UAG, as their military/industrial design works great for phone cases and adds a whole new element to the device when its on. Urban Armor Gear labels their different color models with different names. The Maverick is primary a clear plastic case with black edges. They also have the Aero (dark blue), Navigator (white), and Outland (orange). As a fan of the S8 I decided to show it off, so I went for the Maverick design (clear).

With UAG, they constantly tweak the design with new details to improve the grip, to have it thinner and more flexible while still retaining max protection, and even to improve the packaging. So lets start with the packaging, you still get a detailed description of the features on the front and on the back, including an official stamp of approval meeting MIL STD 810G-516.6 Military Drop-Test. A bonus addition is the HD screen protector which I found to be a pleasant surprise.

The S8 can be easily pressed into the case, as the case flexes enough to allow an easy fit, while assuring you it will never fall off. The case covers all sides, except the front, and fits over the lip of the front just enough to hold it in place. The S8 has a curved back and when I looked through the case I saw an air gap along the left and right side of the back. This is a good sign, and helps reassure me there is ample protection for my device if dropped.

The UAG case fits really well, and the rubber sides allow me to hold the phone easier with less chance of me dropping it.. I really like the mechanical almost industrial look of the case. I was slightly worried about the rubber openings for the USB-C port, but had no issues at all, and I was happy to see there were no covers I had to remove each time. There are openings for the camera module, flash and fingerprint scanner and I haven’t seen any impact on image capture. There is an added bonus that the camera is now no longer touching my desk when its on its back. There is even two openings in the top power button so you can still use the IR port.

Compared to other cases, I found this one to be a lot lighter. The premium materials mean that at no cost to the overall protection, the case is a lot lighter. This means no added bulk to the phone.

I understand in a market this saturated with cases its difficult to pick the right ones, and I also understand that you will never just by one case, I think this my 6th cases. But try to remember when making this selection to not be fooled by something that looks “cool”, because at the end of the day the purpose of the case is to protect your phone. Always look for reputable companies that has been around for awhile (Much like UAG), those which have a lot of feedback on Amazon, and those who don’t just sell a case but actually offer a support to back it up. UAG is definitely of those companies, and I highly recommend and use their cases all the time.




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