5 Tips to Make Money by Selling Apps

5 Tips to Make Money by Selling Apps featured

Apps are becoming a great way to earn money for many app developers worldwide and the market is still growing as more developers start to come in. Apps come in different categories and targeting different sets of customers, yet even the most narrow- niched applications are still facing some competition. Competition among apps is tight, whether for IOS, Android or for other purposes. This is because it is a highly lucrative endeavor for those who know and understand the trade. In fact, some apps with awesome capabilities never make it to IOS’ top 100 simply because its developers failed in the marketing part. Hence apps marketing is equally important for its development.

Below are some proven effective tips to help you make money by selling apps, either designed by you or by another developer.

  1. Get Approved by Apple

It is easy to infiltrate the Android world and get your app in there, but this is not the case for Apple. Before it becomes available in the App Store, your app needs to pass through Apple’s rigorous screenings. Sexual and religious themes are mostly off- limits, regardless how amazing your app might be. Being approved by Apple is the starting point of your journey and you have to be smart about it.

  1. Get Into the Top Charts

Even after getting approved by Apple, you have to expect a stiff competition inside the App Store. There are millions of apps out there that there is too little chance of not having a similar app. Do some online marketing strategies, as well as what is called App Search Optimization to help you get into the top charts. This will give you higher chances of earning more money.

  1. Increase App Visibility

Your app needs to be easy to search and to do this, you need to apply some optimization strategies. Make sure your description is informative enough and littered with some right keywords. This might be difficult since app search is not as sophisticated as search engines, but with some patience, coupled with marketing on other platforms and other strategies, your visibility will increase.

  1. Use Sell My App

Sell my app is a web-based service that helps you market your apps more effectively. It offers excellent app and game templates you can use to get higher visibility in apps search and search engines. It also provides step by step guide to app creation and marketing that will really prove helpful. Check out https://www.sellmyapp.com/ for more information.

  1. Play with Prices

An app’s price is a big factor for getting downloads. Try to check out free and paid options with in-app purchases and explore how you can get money without inviting resistance due to non- strategic pricing.

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