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In our latest lifestyle accessories review, we’re going to take a look at two wallets from a company called Kindz.


I was looking through our Instagram feed a few weeks ago and noticed some great looking slim wallets popping up. Having used a wallet all my adult life, I was super excited to get my hands on these modern styles and functions, the guys n’ girls were happy to oblige and sent me the waterproof money clip and minimal ID wallet.  Shipping took around 10 days to the UK which isn’t bad. The company offer free worldwide shipping, check out how long it will take before you hit the buy button. Also, check out Kindzwallet Instagram, very cool. Great products, social networks and lovely people to deal with.


kindzwallet slim F


The waterproof money clip (priced at $17.99) is most definitely my favourite of the two they sent. I love the slim and minimal design and the slight texture finish it is so different to anything I’ve used before. Usually I don’t carry a lot of cash from day to day, I pay for things 90% of the time with my contactless debit card. Be it groceries, takeaways or some nice beers, contactless is hassle free. I do all my banking online too just to keep an eye I’m not over spending.

The money clip wallet offers;

  • 1-Year Product Replacement Guarantee
  • Premium Waterproof cloth, MAGNETIC MONEY CLIP + CREDIT CARD HOLDER Wallet, Measures: 4.3″ x 2.8″ x 0.1″ (11cm x 7.1cm x 0.3cm)
  • 3 CARD SLOT+ 1 ID HOLDER/PHOTO Window + 1 Middle POCKET for cash or cards,1 Pretty Strong Magnet Bill Clip holds your cash super tight
  • RFID BLOCKING WALLET: Keeps your vital information in cards from being unauthorized scanning. Does Block 13.56 MHz Frequency (Credit cards, debit cards, driver license and ID cards)
  • THIN FRONT ID WALLET for Men fits nicely in your Front and Back Pocket, easy but sturdy enough to hold Money and Cash, better than traditional wallet, replace bulky and big wallet; Perfect for people who are looking for slim and small wallet clip to hold money and cards
  • Minimalist & Slim, Perfect fit in Front Pocket, Good Choose to replace bulky wallet. IDEAL GIFT BOX PACKING good idea to send Kinzd men money clip holder wallet as present to your friend, father, husband, boy friend or workmate.


kindzwallet review slim 2


kindzwallet leather 1


The minimal ID wallet (priced at $21.99) also looks awesome! I’m not usually a fan of the carbon fibre effect on car interiors or vape products but on a slim wallet like this, it looks great. There’s also a finger hole that I assume is to help push out your card, the centre pouch area is great for carrying notes and maybe some change, I’d never recommend carrying loose change in a wallet though.

The minimal ID wallet offers;

  • 100% Carbon Fiber Texture (Softer, more Breathable and Glossier)
  • Genuine Leather: 6 cards slots, 1 ID Window and 1 central cash/receipt pocket, cash pocket is plenty large enough to hold a decent number of bills, folded in half. (Measure: 4.4 ” x 3.15″ x 0.12″)
  • Slim & sturdy Wallet: The stitching and leather is very sturdy. Very compact with card slots on both sides. The cutout at the bottom of wallet makes getting card easy.
  • RFID Blocking Wallet: Keeps your vital information Secure. Stay SAFE and PROTECTED from Electronic Pick pocketing; Blocking all RFID scanners and readers
  • Fit Front Pocket Nicely, perfect for people who want thin and small wallet to hold money and cards. Construction is solid and stitching is neatly. Good craftsmanship, with snug card slots, easy to slide cards in and out.
  • 12 Month 100% Money back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our wallet, replacement or money back without any hassle.

kindzwallet leather 2


So, to conclude.. Would I recommend any of our readers to buy from Kindz wallet? Absolutely! The quality stitching, anti RFID, pricing, designs, free worldwide shipping, great customer support, tidy presentation box to send as a gift, the list goes on… I would recommend not carrying loose coins and keep your wallet in your front pockets, being so slim the wallet offers little protection to your cards so they may break in your back pocket when you sit down.



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  1. I am Huge fans of kindz Wallets but i usally put those loose coins inside so what do you suggest here?


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