Kindz wallet Review

In our latest lifestyle accessories review, we’re going to take a look at two wallets from a company called Kindz.   I was looking through our Instagram feed a few weeks ago and noticed some great looking slim wallets popping up. Having used a wallet all my adult life, I was super excited to get my hands on these modern styles and functions, the guys n’ girls were happy to oblige ...[Read More]

Review: Donword Genuine Leather Wallets

Today I’ll be taking a look at a couple of genuine leather wallets from Donword – a minimalistic card wallet and their bulkier BiFold wallet. Both wallets come packaged in plastic wrapping and are made from high quality cow leather (available in a wide range of colours). They also boast the ability to block the 13.56 MHz frequency that’s used by most RFID cards. While I don’t hea...[Read More]

Volterman Smart Wallet Makes Wallet Theft History

Volterman Smart Wallet Makes Wallet Theft History Indiegogo’s latest viral campaign collected the requested amount in a couple of hours. VOLTERMAN Smart Wallet is the epitome of market-leading innovation and technological advance. Whether it’s a moment of forgetfulness or an opportunistic pick pocket anywhere in the world, the loss of a wallet cannot be debilitating any more. Volterman’s features ...[Read More]

Tech21 S8 Evo Check and Wallet Review

Tech21 S8 Evo Check and Wallet Review As I am always on the search for the next best case, I was excited to try out the Evo Check and Wallet case for my S8 from Tech21. They look great in Smokey/Black, though available in other colours and cost £29 and £39 respectively. Evo Check case This case feels great, a line of bulk/protection surrounding the edge of the phone. This meant that there was a so...[Read More]

Finn Access Wallet Review

Finn Access Wallet Review I am a big fan of leather, and there is nothing that can compare to the smell of it. So when I found sfbags.com sell wallets, I had to get one in to try. This thing screams premium handcrafting and is one of the best wallets I have used. Elegant is the word that comes to my mind when I use this wallet over the last month. The wax canvas with full-grain leather used in its...[Read More]

Ekster Smart Wallet Review

Ekster Smart Wallet Review Wallets are the most common item to carry around after our phones, so it makes sense, that they would be getting smarter. The Ekster Wallet from eksterwallets.com is one such smart wallet, starting out being 100% funded in under 20 hours, raising over $75,000. The Ekster comes in two flavours the Senate and the bigger Parliament. The Senate is a cardholder for the minima...[Read More]

Review: Kinzd Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet

I’ve never been one to carry around a very thick wallet. The thinner the wallet the better in my opinion, and my sciatic nerve thanks me for it! Truthfully, I thought the bifold I carried prior this Kinzd wallet was minimalist enough to not ever have to move to another style. Well, I was wrong. This wallet is super thin, lightweight, convenient, and RFID Blocking. If you carry a lot of cash,...[Read More]

Band-it Extra Small Minimal Wallet Review

Band-it Extra Small Minimal Wallet Review I am not a huge wallet fan, I like to keep as little bulk in my pockets as possible. So when I first saw the Band-it on Kickstarter I jumped straight in and put my money down. A couple of years on and the maker Andrew Magpoc is already working on the Band-It 5. So I am hear to run through the Band-it Minimal wallet and show you guys a quick look at the new...[Read More]

GreatShield OnePlus One Wallet – Review

 GreatShield OnePlus One Wallet – Review   We’re taking a look at another wallet case this evening. This time from a company called GreatShield and for the Oneplus One. I’m a fan of this particular style of protection having reviewed numerous accessories like the GreatSheild for lots of different devices on DroidHorizon these last few years.  You can usually pick up various ...[Read More]

Bugdroid Circuit Intelligent Wallet (Nexus5) – Review

 Bugdroid Circuit Intelligent Wallet – Review   The Bugdroid Circuit Intelligent Wallet from Cruzerlite provides great protection, ( in a wallet style case), that looks great and has the added bonus of letting you carry your credit cards and some cash. It’s intelligent, which means the case unlocks when you open it and locks when you close it again. I’m not sure of it’...[Read More]