Microgaming Are Set To Release A Wave Of New Games

We may barely be two weeks into 2018 but already top slots development company Microgaming are promising and hinting at a number of big releases this year. Members of affiliated gaming companies such as the ever popular All Jackpots mobile casino will be able to enjoy these slots the moment they are released, but let’s cut to the chase – what can we expect to be served?


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Some details we already know as Microgaming has been adamant that their business model is built upon continually improving upon their existing strengths. We’ll discuss these more in depth shortly, but it is a certainty that they will continue to expand the highly impressive Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) as well as their core slots experience. With this being a World Cup, Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games year there’s a strong chance that we can expect a cutting-edge new sports slot or two.

Building Upon A Tremendous 2017

Players who like to keep up with the inside news within the casino business ought to be well aware how much of a landmark 2017 has been for the Isle of Man company. A multimillion-pound investment into a new HQ (while maintaining access to the still in use older buildings via a beautiful ‘sky bridge’ is a real statement of intent.

Even though they pioneered online casino gaming way back in 1994 – some claim they invented it – there is not a hint of tiredness or running out of ideas. As one of the market leaders in the gaming industry, their ethos is to only publish games that are as complete as they can be. Many rival companies over the years have failed by adopting a quantity over quality policy – but that may never be said about Microgaming.

With a serious investment in the local community via their Play It Forward initiative that supports local events, sports teams and promising individuals this is as ‘right-on’ as gambling companies are ever going to get. Taken as an overall package the company is quite simply perfectly poised to have a fantastic 2018.

So What About The New Games?

Generally speaking Microgaming only announce forthcoming games at most a month or so in advance, and usually closer to a fortnight. Secretive as this may be, they make up for it by being consistent in the numbers of releases that are published every month. Over 2017 most months say three or four brand new slots games hit the casinos, so we can at least expect this level of delivery to be maintained.

Going on 2017’s form with the blockbusting Jurassic Park and Highlander, both of which proved to be as fun to play as well as immensely successful. Don’t forget the critically acclaimed likes of releases such as Halloween and Phantom of the Opera, demonstrating the cutting edge quality of graphics and player immersion expected from a modern slot.

We can expect this standard to be maintained, and very possibly see some further expansion into adding more elements of skill/strategy to some releases. Microgaming listen to their customers and are well aware that there are a large and vocal number of players who are quite happy enjoying slots in their current format. Overcomplication is a big potential pitfall, however, there are a growing number of younger slots players who express a desire for a little more ‘arcade’ action.

It’d be churlish to not expect at least a few more ‘skill-based’ slots to be released this year. How well they are received will be crucial in determining trends over the coming years, so expect them to be pretty revolutionary.

As mentioned at the top of this article Microgaming’s MPN network is going to be receiving a considerable boost thanks to the success it has currently enjoyed. This is open knowledge and major partners such as Tower Torneos have already publicly praised how impressed they have been working with the company. Such words from a top poker service will not go unnoticed – expect more to sign up and for MPN to rapidly expand this year.

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