HTC Double Exposure

HTC just wrapped up their Double Exposure event in which they released the new HTC Desire Eye and the HTC RE. The HTC Desire Eye is based on the HTC one without the nice case but comes with dual 13mp camera and an IP rating. I really cant see many people trading in the HTC one for the HTC Desire Eye but people just about to upgrade might pick it over the Sony Z3 its closest competitor for underwat...[Read More]

New Poll – Are drop tests really needed?

       Picture via Android and Me    New Poll – Are drop tests really needed?   We’ve reviewed a fair few devices now on DroidHorizon, we like to give an honest opinion on build quality and materials used in manufacturing, but, we’ve never threw a device on the ground to see if it smashes. In my personal opinion this kind of thing screams of one’s high opinion of ...[Read More]

New Poll – Which event are you most looking forward to?

 New Poll – Which event are you most looking forward to?   This September is going to be a busy one, almost all the top mobile technology companies announcing something over the next two weeks. Much has been rumoured and an awful lot has been leaked already. The biggest and best manufacturers have new devices that they want us to buy, some only minor upgrades from their predecessors. (N...[Read More]

New Poll – What’s your thoughts regarding IAP, paid or free?

 New Poll – What’s your thoughts regarding IAP, paid or free? In the news locally again… “Parents seek legal advice after daughter spent over 100 euros on their iPad.” Look at our main image too. That’s some real scary money to be throwing at a mobile game. The Tinfoil Hat Brigade reckon that the big developer studios actually leave options like this in games so...[Read More]

New Poll – Do you use protection? (A case or cover)

               Image via Cruzerlite New Poll – Do you use protection? (A case or cover) Here at DroidHorizon we have reviewed plenty of cases, covers, bumpers and wallets. All these offer different levels of protection and possibly something unique in design or in materials used in manufacturing. Prices vary from just a few bucks to somewhere around $40 for the better quality case. You’...[Read More]

New Poll – Are Google taking too long to bring everyone the same services?

In the not so distant past, I remember you could only get apps and games on “The Market.” I can’t really remember the order of availability but along came Books, Movies & TV and Music. Then not that long ago Magazines. The usual way it works is the new services and content start in the US then branch out into different countries. Being based in the UK, usually, I’m next...[Read More]

New Poll – Are you willing to “Smash The Past?”

 “Smash The Past?” It’s nearly impossible that anyone missed the launch of the One Plus One. The company certainly used their social media networks well running up to launch, leaking tiny snippets of information at a time and getting everyone excited and wanting more. Well, it has launched, kinda, but you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to get the Flagship Killer of 201...[Read More]

New Poll – What’s a sensible time frame to expect a device software update?

 What’s a sensible time frame to expect a device software update? Without getting into a mud flinging match with manufactures and carriers, this week we’d genuinely be interested to see what our readers think about software updates.  Personally I prefer to buy Nexus devices and have my update the day it releases from Google. I take all the sacrifices that brings in different parts of t...[Read More]

HTC One – Poll

 HTC One (M8) Most of us marked it in our diaries, most of us waited patiently for the 25th March to arrive. Most of us are now super excited and waiting with our credit cards at the ready?? Today’s news has certainly been all about HTC’s newest flagship device and could it better it’s award winning handset from last year, the original HTC One. Odd naming policy aside, by the cou...[Read More]

New Poll – Are you wearing wearable tech?

 New Poll - Are you wearing wearable tech? Love it, hate it, loath it, fear it or don’t really know enough about it but 2014 is going to be a big year for “wearable technology.” More and more early adapters are getting Google’s Glass which has many features to extend how we use our devices in daily life. Some groups and organisations fear it but mostly they don’t unde...[Read More]

New Poll – Would you buy a Motorola now that they will be a Lenovo company?

Would you buy a Motorola now that they will be a Lenovo company?   It’s nearly a week since the news broke that Google are selling Motorola to the Chinese manufacturing giants Lenovo. Lots of people got their pants in a twist, crying it’s an outrage! It was widely reported that even some “fan boys” were returning their Moto Xs because of the sale. You might call me cyn...[Read More]

New Poll – Moto X in the UK and parts of Europe.

Picture courtesy of Motorola Mobility Google Plus Page. France. Germany. The United Kingdom. They’ll all be home to the #MotoX – starting in February!    The biggest news of the day was the announcement by Motorola that they will now start shipping the Moto X to the UK, Germany and France. Having been available since late August in the United States, Motorola are now launching the high...[Read More]

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