Positive Impacts of Technology Transforming Our Lives

Technology has influenced how we live and can be scary for ventures that do not want to change their practices. The rapid race and sudden shifts in technology are the aspects that many individuals are not at ease with. If you do not keep up with the pace, you risk being competitive in the market. For instance, learners can now use different platforms, such as[Read More]

How to Use Technology to Make Your Health Better

People are always busy with work, social affairs, and other things, making it hard to keep track of their health and fitness. Fortunately, there are several ways in which they can use technology to help them monitor their wellbeing. A lot of fitness help is in the form of wearable watches and apps that keep you updated on what is happening to your body. It also helps you to make healthy choices. H...[Read More]

Technology Behind A Voicemail: How Does It Work?

Voicemail is a computer system that records messages sent through the telephone. It is the most common electronic messaging system in the industry today. A voicemail can be a centralized system used in businesses for carrying, storing, and retrieving audio messages. It is closely related to answering machines, however more dynamic as it allows faster transfer of information between users even when...[Read More]

Revolutionary Audio Technology Inventions That Consumers Should Look Out For In 2019

Global consumers are expected to buy a wireless audio device in the coming years, which is why the market is predicted to have a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.22 percent during the 2019 to 2024 period. This means that more people will purchase the latest models of soundbars, speaker docks, and portable BlueTooth speakers released in stores. Because of this, the audio technology industry...[Read More]

How Technology Is Changing The Future Of Dating

  The world is a very different place today than it was just a decade ago. Thanks to continued advancements in new technology, the dating scene has undergone a significant overhaul in regards to the approach that many of us take to dating. The future of dating looks nothing like it did just a few years ago – everything has changed, and that’s all thanks to the advancements in the intern...[Read More]

AUKEY Announces New Smart-Charging Technology, Dynamic Detect

AUKEY today announced the introduction of Dynamic Detect, an innovative new smart-charging technology developed in-house.   Dynamic Detect optimises power distribution for USB Power Delivery (PD) chargers that have multiple ports, unlocking their full potential.     Most multi-port PD chargers are unable to make full use of the total available power when charging a single device. Fo...[Read More]

New Vehicle Technology Aims to Keep Us Safer

Over 180,000 road accidents occur in the UK per year, a stark reminder that the activity most of us do each day can turn dangerous in the blink of an eye. This high number of accidents are causing car manufacturers to use technology to develop new ways to keep us safe when behind the wheel. Through the use of sensors, traction control, and even 360-degree camera equipment – cars are increasi...[Read More]

How to Use Technology to Boost Studies

How to Use Technology to Boost Studies Undoubtedly, hiring a good tutor can help you to prepare well for school exams or regular assignments. However, today we have many innovative ways of using technology to boost studies. Here, we shall discuss classroom technology tools you should take advantage of to improve your learning.   In this tech-driven era, there is too much fierce competition in...[Read More]

Glowing Gloves, A New Mobile Boxing Game Using the Latest Augmented Reality Technology

Bublar,  a publicly listed Augmented Reality gaming studio, invites to closed beta testing of a new mobile boxing game. Glowing Gloves is a first-person immersive boxing game allowing users to control, punch, bob and weave their success through the motion tracking of the mobile device. Bublar believes it will be the first mobile sport-game using the new ARKit motion tracking technology.   &nb...[Read More]

Huawei and Helena Christensen Partner to Introduce New P20 Pro

Iconic supermodel and renowned photographer uses the world’s first triple-lens Leica camera, HUAWEI P20 Pro, to capture an intimate portrait series. HUAWEI P20 Pro fuses an incredible camera with powerful A.I., giving photography lovers the tools to master their craft in the palm of their hand.       Leading technology brand Huawei has today announced the launch of its new fla...[Read More]

Top 25 things we miss but no longer do due to technology

Making mix tapes, printing photographs and sending love letters are among the tasks replaced by technology which we miss doing, a study has found.         The poll of 2,000 adults revealed a string of once-everyday tasks which have been replaced by the rise of technology, Wi Fi and smart phones. Carrying a portable CD player, owning an encyclopedia and being able to remember ph...[Read More]

Experian Partners With UST Global as its New Digital Technology Service Provider

UST Global and Experian today announced that Experian has selected UST Global as a new Digital Technology Services Partner providing Application Development and Testing Services for the UK Credit Services and Solutions Business.   As part of the multi-year relationship, UST Global will provide high-quality services in application development, support, and testing to support Experian in delive...[Read More]

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