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Owner of a rooted One and Nexus 7. Mostly write reviews of apps and any hardware I can get my hands on. I frequent Google+ and XDA-Developers.

HoloConvert – Review

HoloConvert – Review Which came first the chicken or the egg, what killed the dinosaurs, is Nicolas Cage a good or a bad actor? These are all questions that will never be answered, but one that we can answer with ease is: What 100 cm in meters? This is all thanks to the XDA Forum Member AggieDev and their latest release HoloConvert. With a large database of various units, a calculator and a ...[Read More]

Twidere for Twitter – Review

Twidere for Twitter – Review While I can never make you switch from one of the many heavyweights in the 3rd party Twitter client ring. I can inform you that there is a newer breed of holo themed, lightweight Twitter clients which are making their mark on Android. One of these new apps is Twidere, a beautiful feature heavy application which, while having a small footprint, is a breeze when it...[Read More]

Hopeless The Dark Cave – Review

Hopeless The Dark Cave – Review If Tim Burton was ever to make an Android game it would be like Hopeless: The Dark Cave. You play as a cute, gun-toting, suicidal blob looking scared in the only light source in a dark world. You then throw in a bevvy of huge scary monsters trying to abduct your party, and you have Hopeless: The Dark Cave. Your only task is to help the blobs stay alive by shoo...[Read More]

Dolphin Zero – Review

Dolphin Zero – Review I’m sure there are plenty of reasons why you would need a private browser. You want to look at anniversary presents for your wife, your worried about government agency’s watching your every move. But mainly this will be used by men, and for watching porn. It’s not the most PC reason, but lets be honest that’s what its going be used for. It can be...[Read More]

Elf Lab – Review

Elf Lab – Review Christmas is coming to town. That means a bunch of Christmas themed games, and one that caught our eye was Elf Lab. It has some nice graphics and some great Christmas tunes, but does let itself down in a couple of areas. I love the graphics on this game, the cartoon style is very in-keeping with the game and how it plays. The game is based around two parts, collect and build...[Read More]

Life-Spot – Kickstarter

Life-Spot – Kickstarter Lets face it, mobile devices are here to stay, my dad would say otherwise (he still rocks a pager). So this means we are in constant need to charge them. There’s nothing worse then when an iPhone or iPad owner comes round my living space and they need to charge their device. As an Android user, i’m not going to be able to help. The same goes for a working ...[Read More]

Sonic Dash – Review

Sonic Dash – Review Finally! Out of all the versions of endless runners out there, its great to finally see a game that feels suited to this genre. Sonic has always been one part platformer and one part endless runner. There’s rings, jumps, bad-guys and spinning hedgehogs. There’s a lot of places Sega could of made errors, IAPs, Graphics and the transition to a mobile device. But...[Read More]

Nakama – Review

Nakama – Review When you think ninja fighting, you probably envision Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, that guy from Kill Bill. They all have perfect control and swift fluid movements. Nakama feels more like Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja, clunky, slow and as the credits roll you are left with an empty feeling inside. Nakama has a lot of things going for it, the popular 8Bit graphics, compatibili...[Read More]

Digical – Review

Digical – Review I know people aren’t fans of the “Alternative” app. On the surface Digical looks like another alternative app. But when you open it and start using it, you’ll realise its a sleek, easy to navigate app, with some great features and a fantastic widget gallery. With its recent jump to the stable V1, the app is a lot more polished since I last review it. ...[Read More]

CloudMagic – Review

CloudMagic – Review Can anyone remember K9-Mail, that used the be the one app you always downloaded. CloudMagic is taking over that mantle and I feel should be the next big mail client. People have even mentioned including it in Cyanogenmod version, which personally I agree with. To be honest the only thing I don’t like is the name, doesn’t make you think mail client, but apart f...[Read More]



Betasphere HR700 Twist Bluetooth Speaker – Review

Betasphere HR700 Twist Bluetooth Speaker – Review Picture the scene, you have an HTC One X, your devilishly handsome husband has a HTC One with those great speakers, what’s the solution? The solution is the Betasphere HR700 Twist Bluetooth Speaker. This black, matte finished speaker has great sound, looks great and easy to setup. My wife was ecstatic when she played with this, the spea...[Read More]

Cover beta – Review

Cover beta – Review Cover is now out of closed beta, and has moved to open beta via the G+ community. Droid Horizon were in the first wave of testers and I have to say I was very surprised by the performance and overall functionality of this app. There is room for improvement, but this app has a lot of growing room and could be a very powerful app to have in your arsenal. When you first load...[Read More]

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