Luke Thomas

Owner of a rooted One and Nexus 7. Mostly write reviews of apps and any hardware I can get my hands on. I frequent Google+ and XDA-Developers.

Camera 2 – Review

Camera 2 – Review If you want to take a photo like an old Polaroid camera then you have an array of apps to choose from. What you will have to search for are the camera apps which offer a more fun way of taking photos, with cool filters and an easy to use interface. One I have used before was Paper Camera, but the release of Camera 2 offers a cooler experience. With Camera 2 you get the stan...[Read More]

Clueful – Review

Clueful – Review Clueful was previously a tool just for iOS users, but now works on Android and will reveal how your installed apps use your personal information. This is and very simple program to use, you simple install and open it and it checks with the cloud to rate apps as low, moderate, or high risk for privacy vulnerabilities such as reading your texts or leaking your phone number to ...[Read More]

Stark Theme – Review

Stark Theme – Review On what has become a constant struggle to find the next great icon pack, I came across the Stark theme from Kovdev. I first noticed it, due to the “flat” icon style which I have grown to love so much. But what got me to download it was the sheer amount of icons offered. You had a choice of thirteen different icons for the app drawer button alone, this is not ...[Read More]

Karateka Classic – Review

Karateka Classic – Review Karateka Classic is the original game shot for shot, with retro touches, such as sampled floppy disk noises, optional video scanlines, and the choice of a color CRT or a monochrome display (in amber or green screen). Also included is the nostalgia of playing a classic game all over again. You play as The Hero, and you must fight your way through the hoards of skille...[Read More]

Sonic The Hedgehog – Review

Sonic The Hedgehog – Review Sonic the hedgehog is what can only be described as a classic game. Its had sequels which tweaked the game and made it slightly better each time, but since it chucked the scroller mechanic it hasn’t been the same since. This appears to be the month of nostalgia as the original Sonic the hedgehog has been released and its the classic game we all know and love...[Read More]

Punch Quest – Review

Punch Quest – Review Punch Quest is on paper a side scrolling game, but when you play it you’ll see its so much more. You move by punching and if you stop punching you die, mix that in with old school RPG graphics and you have a great game. Hitting the left side of the screen uppercuts and slams opponents downward, while hitting the right performs a straightforward punch. As you move t...[Read More]

Kingdom Rush – Review

Kingdom Rush – Review Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game that pits you against waves of nasty enemies, where you defend yourself with knights, wizards and archers. This was a great online game I used to frequent on Armour Games, and was ecstatic to see it appear on the play store. This game rocks on the HTC One and I’m currently downloading to the Nexus 7. I feel this game is designe...[Read More]

Cool Facts Official – Review

Cool Facts Official – Review Image (if you will) that you’re down at the pub, or local wine bar with your group of friends and your in a conversational slump. The dead air is starting to fill up the room and the conversations are lacking. If only you had access to some tidbits of information to get a discussion going again. Enter Cool Facts, this app will give you an interesting, amazi...[Read More]

Mosaique – Review

Mosaique – Review Mosaique may be the most simple minimal game I have ever played. There’s no narrative to justify why you are hitting blocks with other blocks. The tutorial isn’t even needed, as the game is very intuitive and easy to pick up  The game is made up of seven rounds, and as you might guess each gets harder then the last. The static board is filled with a set of colou...[Read More]

Media Utilities Beta – Review

Media Utilities Beta – Review When I downloaded Media Utilities it was mainly for the lack of a widget for the stock music app. I understood it was in the notification area, but I like the feel of a good widget on the homescreen. So I went into this, just believing this app would be a good stock music widget, oh how wrong I was. Media Utilities was an ok widget for my music app. The album ar...[Read More]

Daddy Was A Thief – Review

Daddy Was A Thief – Review This is a simple great looking game to pick up and play. Its a fine example of a casual game, but looks can be deceiving. Once you get passed the good looking graphics and simple gameplay you start to notice its a simple drop down game with little reward at the end. You play as a rotund father, who takes up the striped shirt and black mask due to him losing his job...[Read More]

Fleksy Beta – Review

Fleksy which until this week was for iOS is a lot smarter than the average keyboard.  According to the developers, Fleksy aims to bring “laptop keyboard” level touch-typing to mobile devices. It falls into the pit with so many other keyboards, but even as a beta I can see great things for this app. Fleskys challenge of creating a true touch type experience plays out rather well.  Nine times out of...[Read More]

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