Luke Thomas

Owner of a rooted One and Nexus 7. Mostly write reviews of apps and any hardware I can get my hands on. I frequent Google+ and XDA-Developers.

Redline Rush – Review

Redline Rush – Review Most driving game take a while to get used to. You’ll spend a while adjusting to the controls and figuring out the best way to brake and accelerate round corners to get the best advantage. With Redline rush you dont have to worry about this at all, you get given two buttons and neither of them are the throttle. This is a simple, flashy endless-driver style game. T...[Read More]

Cameringo – Review

Cameringo – Review Cameringo is another photo filter app, but with some features that help set it apart from the others. One thing to note, is that Cameringo isn’t an instagram clone, they have been very smart and decided to go their own way and create a new interface. This doesn’t bog you down in social features, it is purely focused on making it easy to apply filters to images ...[Read More]

Hootie for Twitter – Review

  Hootie for Twitter – Review Hootie is a new twitter client that’s fought against the recent heavy restrictions Twitter have been adding to their api’s. This is still a fresh app, and does need some work. One of the big features with this app is the interface, there is a clear focus on user and inline images as well as supplying links to draw you through the timeline. The m...[Read More]

ChargeCard – Review

ChargeCard – Review Lets be honest from the start, this is not the invention of the wheel or sliced bread. Its not going to be the next big thing to ever happen in the world of tech. But I’m sure we have all had a time, when we’re out and about or around a friends house and you need to charge your phone or copy some files across. Wouldn’t it of been useful to have a card si...[Read More]

Rage of the Gladiator – Review

Rage of the Gladiator – Review Rage of the Gladiator was originally released onto the Nintendo Wii, and to be honest was an ok game. But hand waving has been swapped for swiping on the android port. This game works so much better as a mobile game, the graphics look amazing to what’s out there and the Wii movements in swipe form make for a great game. You can uppercut, lower cut and blo...[Read More]

PowerLine – Review

PowerLine – Review There are a variety of apps, which allow you to keep tabs on what is being used by your phone. You can get a widget for your memory, a notification app for your battery. But these all have the problem of being hidden as soon as you start to use another app. If I’m playing a game, I want to see what memory and processor usage is happening. Some apps do offer this kind...[Read More]

Car Park Control – Review

Car Park Control – Review Now I don’t drive, but it sure looks fun! Well that was my impression after the marathon gaming session I had with Car Park Control. You get the opportunity to crash cars, hit those annoying pedestrians and not have to wait for roadworks. Car Park Control is an incredibly easy game. All you do is draw a path for where you want the car to car. This style of gam...[Read More]

Shooting Club Zombies Attack – Review

Shooting Club Zombies Attack – Review I’m not sure what zombies have done lately, but it appears that more and more games are tasking you with killing them. A lot of these lots of big guns, running around for ammo and hiding in a corner while you reload. Shooting Club Zombies Attack puts a different spin on the zombie shooter, by combining it with a sniper game. Your put way out of ran...[Read More]

HTC One Clear Poetic Case – Review

HTC One Clear Poetic Case – Review There is a saying that goes along the lines of “You’re just going to put a case on it”. This means that it doesn’t matter about the shape and look of the phone, because you’re going to put a case on and hide it anyway. The HTC One offers a fantastic body and was the main reason I went for it over say the S4. But I covered it up...[Read More]

Quick Social – Review

Quick Social – Review Since the dawn of Facebook and Twitter, people have wanted to share across all social platforms in one press of the button . Be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any combination of the three. But these people can rejoice, as Quick Social is here to make sharing your thoughts, views and funny cat pictures across different social networks incredibly easy. This app is incr...[Read More]

SpecCheck – Review

SpecCheck – Review Theres always going to be a argument as to, which phone is best. But now there is an easy solution and thats Speccheck, this great holo themed app, allows you to compare two phones specs easily on your phone. The app is updated when opened and any new phones are instantly added to the database. This app is incredibly simple to use, you find and select device one and then s...[Read More]

Holo Ten Music – Review

Holo Ten Music – Review There are a variety of music services out there at the moment, but they all have one flaw; the fact it needs a data connection when you’re listening on the move. If you’re on the train or away from a data connection, you may still want to listen to the current top ten. This is where Holo Ten comes in, this app is a hefty 32mb app due to the fact you are do...[Read More]

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