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Owner of a rooted One and Nexus 7. Mostly write reviews of apps and any hardware I can get my hands on. I frequent Google+ and XDA-Developers.

House of the Dead Overkill – Review

House of the Dead Overkill – Review The House of the Dead: Overkill – The Lost Reels was originally a Wii game, like a zombie this game has come back from the dead and you can tell this from the dated, clunky and bland graphics while you play the game. But I feel this adds to the overall feel of the game. When I play this kind of shooter sometimes you want some nostalgia, and this game...[Read More]

MP3 InCall Recorder – Review

MP3 InCall Recorder – Review Apps that allow you to record calls are very popular. The main reason being that actually there is quite a fine legal line when recording a conversation without the other persons consent. This is normally the reason why its not an included feature on mobile phones. But whatever the reason for wanting to do it, MP3 InCall Recorder achieves this goal and it does it...[Read More]

Fieldrunners 2 – Review

Fieldrunners 2 – Review Instead of altering the tower defense gameplay in Fieldrunners 2, the developers decided to refine them. One improvement I noticed was the addition of a path marker. The original had the runners following a set path, they would just keep going straight until something got in their way. Now they will run across the battlefield more realistically, constantly changing th...[Read More]

HTC Double Dip Hard Shell Case for HTC One – Review

HTC Double Dip Hard Shell Case for HTC One – Review Getting a phone when it first comes out has advantages, but a disadvantage is the lack of accessories. As its brand new you run the risk of getting something which doesn’t fit or doesn’t work with the phone. For the first time in my life, I tried to be smart. I decided to buy the official HTC case for the HTC One, I couldn’...[Read More]

Bytes Insight – Review

Bytes Insight – Review There are various apps around which can tell you your internet usage. I currently use the My Vodafone app which keeps track of the usage for me. But I have always wondered which apps take up the most data. When I refresh Google+ on the go is that a lot of data? Then while writing up the review for another app Greenify, I noticed the developer did one other app. Thats w...[Read More]

Icon Themer (Root) – Review

Icon Themer (Root) – Review Icon Themer, a new app from the developer who bought us HelixLauncher and QuickDesk, aims to bring any icon pack to any custom launcher. This is pretty big thing especially for those of us who over the years have bought various icon packs and have changed launchers more times than hot dinners. Icon Themer is pretty easy to setup, though it does require Xposed Fram...[Read More]

RE-VOLT Classic – Review

RE-VOLT Classic – Review When I saw this game, it brought back memories of playing it on the N64. Sitting crossed legged on the floor and moving that little joystick around so much it left a mark on my thumb for a week. This is why before reading any reviews or comments, I bought this game as fast as I could. Re-Volt has been released many times on different consoles: Xbox, Dreamcast and PC....[Read More]

WidgetShade – Review

WidgetShade – Review One of the major Android perks are widgets, they sit on your homescreen and tell you the time, weather, tweets etc. But you always have to go to the home screen to read them, this can be annoying when your watching a movie, playing a game or any other activity where going to the home screen isn’t possible. There have been some developments to overcome this issue su...[Read More]

Ice Rage – Review

Ice Rage – Review Billed as bringing ice hockey into the 21st century, Ice Rage plays less like a hockey game and more like pong or those air hockey games in the arcade. Games consist of 2 players on each side (one goalie and one attacker) on a very small rink. There’s also very little strategy involved in the gameplay  if you have the puck keep shooting till you get the goal, if you o...[Read More]

HTC One Otterbox Commuter Series Case: Glacier – Review

  HTC One Otterbox Commuter Series Case: Glacier – Review I was very happy to hear that OtterBox, the maker of some of the toughest smartphone cases around is releasing a series of cases for the HTC One. Initially OtterBox will be rolling out two different types of cases, the Defender Series and the Commuter Series both keeping my new HTC One safe from scratches, dents and the elements....[Read More]

Bad Roads – Review

Bad Roads – Review We all love simple time wasting games. Games such as Doodle Jump and Fruit Ninja were some of the best time wasting games I ever played. The simplicity makes them fun and easy to use for kids and adults alike. If you’re after the next addictive game for your Android device, I suggest a new game out called Bad Roads. The objective of Bad Roads is simple. Drive the tru...[Read More]

Cut the Rope: Time Travel – Review

Cut the Rope: Time Travel – Review For anyone unfamiliar with the Cut the Rope series (though I can’t believe there are many out there), they are simple yet fun game based around getting a piece of candy into the little green creatures mouth, this creature is called Om Nom. The candy is normally suspended via a piece of rope in a very awkward place, the only to get this candy down is t...[Read More]

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