Luke Thomas

Owner of a rooted One and Nexus 7. Mostly write reviews of apps and any hardware I can get my hands on. I frequent Google+ and XDA-Developers.

Angry Gran Toss – Review

Angry Gran Toss – Review The idea of tossing a granny, angry or otherwise had never appealed to me in the past. This was until I saw this game, and i dare anyone to say they don’t like the idea of placing an angry old lady into a cannon and firing her over a wall. Angry Gran Toss is essentially a firing game, where you load up on any extras you may have won or bought and fire an old la...[Read More]

Into the Dead – Review

Into the Dead – Review When you first play this game you are chucked right into the game, where you pick the control type and you’re off. You then start running into a field of Zombies, what at first seemed to be a dull repetitive running game actually turned out to addictive. This was originally an ios game, and I am glad that pik pok (the developers) finally released it for android. ...[Read More]

CSR Racing – Review

CSR Racing – Review When you play this game for the first time you will learn very quickly that CSR Racing is not a traditional racing game. Instead of focusing on the driving aspect as so many game do, all CSR Racing requires of you is that you tap on the screen to shift at the correct moments as your car drives down a racetrack. These simple controls do seem to work in the game’s fav...[Read More]

Notifications Off – Review

Notifications Off – Review The problem with reviewing apps and games is that once in awhile you come across an app which loves to spam you with notification. The suggested solution since JellyBean is to view the app information and disable notification, but I’m a sucker for chore reducing apps. Enter into the ring developer Giorgi Dalakishvii who has created a solution, which puts noti...[Read More]

Repulze – Review

  Repulze – Review I had initial problems installing this game as it wasn’t available for my device. I emailed the developers and got a response on the same day saying they will fix the issue. They did a couple of days later, its always good to know when a game as a good set of guys behind them. When you think of Wipeout what comes to mind hovercraft racers, futuristic circuits, a...[Read More]

Imgur – official BETA app – Review

Imgur – official BETA app – Review I’m a great follower of Imgur and have been eagerly waiting for the official app to be released. As a first release I think this app looks and works great. You can login with your own account, view comments (and comment yourself) and you can filter which section of image you want to view.  There are a lot of other apps out there and each have th...[Read More]

Worms 2: Armageddon – Review

Worms 2: Armageddon – Review There are a small amount of games which when released on a mobile platform gain almost instant popularity. Worms 2 is one of those games which was released and quickly picked up by their waiting fan base. This games is hailed as being bigger and badder than the previous titles and this is true. With more weapons and customization is game is a big leap from the or...[Read More]

Frontline Commando: D-Day – Review

Frontline Commando: D-Day – Review Frontline Commando: D-Day is the sequel to Glu’s previous title Frontline Commando, it does away with the modern day setting and replaces it with a WW2 style game. Some time ago the market was flooded with world war style games, but recently this has changed for a gaggle of modern style shooters. Glu’s release of this game goes against the trend, maki...[Read More]

HTC One – First Impression

HTC One – First Impression The phone’s shape and size was the first thing I noticed when I got it out of the box. The curved back allows it to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and the screen is just the right size for your thumb to touch the top and bottom of the screen. The curved back does have its problems, when using the phone on its back it does tend to rock from side to side, it ...[Read More]

Black External Battery Case (HTC One X) Review

Black External Battery Case (HTC One X) Review One disadvantage of the new phones coming out is the lack of removable battery, which allowed people to upgrade to larger battery’s and get a bit more power. This external battery case from is a great way round this restriction. You can charge it, slide in your phone and away you go: Materials I love the material this cas...[Read More]

Anything After – Review

Anything After – Review Your watching a movie and the credits start rolling, you get up and notice a group of people still waiting, do they know something I don’t  You ask. Thanks to the great developers of Anything After, we can now find out if any movie, even those in cinema, have footage in or after the credits. A pal of mine mentioned the app, created by Damien Dalli, that addresse...[Read More]

Cubes vs Spheres Review

Cubes vs Spheres Review You ever had the kind of day when you keep being attacked by cubes? In Cubes vs. Sp…. you can show them who’s boss by firing powerful spheres at them. The game comes packed with 6 different powered spheres, 40 levels, 37 achievements, and so many cubes I lost count. Cubes vs. Spheres can be controlled by either the accelerometer or touch screen. To break it down...[Read More]