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Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker Review

Today I’ll be reviewing Fugu, the Japanese dish made from potentially lethal pufferfish. Wait, no – I need to focus. Fugoo, yes this isn’t a killer fish, it’s a killer Bluetooth speaker. Read on or check out this unboxing/quick review video to find out why… Build Quality & Design Designed in California, the Fugoo consists of a fully functional core inside a choice...[Read More]

Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens for Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 Review

Most people enjoy digital photography in some shape or form these days, from the professional photographer who carries a DSLR with lenses costing more than my car, to the abundance of smartphone photographers relying on Instagram filters to make their selfies more palatable. Somewhere in the middle is the amateur photographer who’s interested in capturing some cool artsy shots with relatively inex...[Read More]

Sony Press Party – Editorial

Sony Press Party – Editorial     On Thursday 25th September the Sony Xperia team held a press launch for the new Z3 line at the Aqua Nueva in Regent Street, London, a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus Station. The venue was an excellent choice to reflect the premium nature of the Z3 range: as you entered you were greated by a choice of 5 different cocktails, although because the gla...[Read More]

Hub It Sync & Charge Station Review

Smartphones, tablets, portable games consoles, Bluetooth accessories and now even Smartwatches. We love our gadgets but their increasingly large batteries need to get charged, and charged quickly. Chargers and cables tripping you up and hanging around looking untidy? There’s gotta be a better way while we wait for wireless charging to really take off.     Eggtronic are addressing this pr...[Read More]

Official LG G3 Qi Wireless Charger – Review

 Official LG G3 Qi Wireless Charger – Review   Now the standard in wireless charging, Qi chargers are becoming vastly popular. You’ll find various models with different features, designs, price and even a few we have reviewed for you. Today we are looking at the official LG G3 Qi Wireless Charger. Said charger uses the Qi standard as mentioned so works with every device that carri...[Read More]

ARCHOS Smart Home Review

Archos is a French company who made their name making portable hard disk based media players before the smartphone and tablet revolution made them somewhat obsolete.  Rolling with the punches they are now attempting to break into the home automation market with a relatively inexpensive (£199.99) tablet based solution.     Their starter package consists of a complete 7″ Android tabl...[Read More]

Outdoor Technology Orcas Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – Review

Outdoor Technology Orcas Bluetooth Earbuds – Review One of my favorite companies at the moment are Outdoor Tech, they have some great ideas for products and really know how to design and make it look good. The latest product out of their office is this set of sweat-proof, water resistant, bluetooth wireless ear buds, called Orcas. Outdoor Tech grab your attention right from the start, even t...[Read More]

Nvidia Shield Tablet – Review

When the Nvidia shield started hitting the rumour mill we all knew it would be something rather impressive and by jove it really is! What Nvidia have done is take the Nexus 7 and put it on steroids. It’s bigger, louder and has a shed load more power. The tablet is being pushed as a “gaming tablet” by Nvidia, whilst it does have the most powerful GPU in any android tablet at the moment this tablet ...[Read More]

Google Cardboard – Review

One of the most overlooked announcements of Google I/O 2014 was Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is maybe the first affordable homemade VR (virtual reality) headset and makes use of your smartphone. The simple hardware is supported by a very smart bit of software, inventively enough also called “Cardboard” and is made by Google. If you’re feeling creative then the hardware part can be made at ho...[Read More]

DroidHorizon’s Birthday Giveaway

 DroidHorizon’s Birthday Giveaway   Well here we are guys. Our little site has been running for two years and we’ve organised some prizes to give away to our friends and followers. If you have only recently started following us, hi, how are you? I’m Ste the owner of DroidHorizon. I used to write for another site before I made this one, I learned a lot of things and brought s...[Read More]

Quirky Converge Universal USB Docking Station – Review

Quirky Converge Universal USB Docking Station – Review Such are the first world problems these days, our batteries don’t last as long as they used to and now even the average consumer has a few devices that he or she uses every day. The problem is, where can we charge these devices and possibly keep everything together in the same place. I know at home my wife complains because my phon...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Review

April 11th I was one of the first people in line to pick up the Galaxy S5 from one of my local T-Mobile shops here in Columbia, SC. I actually used the T-Mobile JUMP Program and traded in my LG G2 which I was very fond of. My wife and I had an appointment to get to and I had to wait an agonizing 3 hours to unbox it and begin the process of having fun with it! Just to be clear I paid for this devic...[Read More]