Review: RiutBag Crush Lightweight Foldable Security Backpack

RiutBag Crush folds out from a neat little pocket to give you a 13 litre backpack that’s strong, showerproof, lightweight and secure. Crush comes packaged in a small drawstring bag, folded up in its zipped D-pocket form. Weighing just 240g, this little pouch is small and light enough to slip into the pocket of another bag. This makes it ideal to pack with you when travelling (in case you nee...[Read More]

Review: RiutBag X35 Secure 35L Convertible Backpack

The RiutBag X35 backpack can be unfolded from a handy 10 litre everyday capacity to a spacious 35 litres that’s suitable for use as your carry-on bag. For extra security it also has a special backwards design that hides all openings when worn. RuitBag get points for presentation (not to mention helping the environment) as the X35 comes inside it’s own reusable black fabric drawstring b...[Read More]

Review: RiutBag Sling Secure Cross-Body Bag

Worn over one shoulder (like a bandolier), RiutBag Sling is a secure zipped pouch that provides easy access to your valuables while you travel. First appearances would suggest that the long, slim shape of the pocket on the Sling wouldn’t hold a lot. However the light material is quite stretchy allowing it to conform to the shape of the contents and actually hold quite a few items – max...[Read More]

Review: Targus CityLite Security Backpack for Laptops

We need expensive gadgets with us on our travels, but this always comes with an additional risk of theft. Targus CityLite helps you carry all your gear in comfort, while incorporating some additional security measures compared to your everyday laptop backpack. It’s made from 300D polyester which is water-resistant and seems high quality. As backpacks go, the CityLite looks good but somewhat ...[Read More]

Introducing GOBAG 2 – The ultimate carry-on backpack

With a modular travel system powered by Velcro and a built-in vacuum compression bag, GOBAG 2 squeezes every bit of air out of soft gear so only carry-on luggage is required!   See the video of the GoBag 2 in action here   Following the successful launch of the original GoBag in 2015 on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, with almost 2,500 backers from all over the world, the team are ba...[Read More]

Commuter II Series: Duffle Yoga Bag And Adjustable Tote Bag

Commuter II Series: Duffle Yoga Bag And Adjustable Tote Bag are proud to introduce our Commuter II Series to the Kickstarter community. Their Commuter Duffle Pack is an innovative all-in-one solution for your everyday needs. Whether you’re commuting to work, school, or the gym, the Commuter Duffle Pack can adapt to any situation.   Need a simple and adjustable bag for wee...[Read More]

3 Best Outdoor Laptop Bags and Backpacks

Modern backpackers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts need to carry more than the traditional survival and exploration materials when going on an excursion. Especially for young explorers, there are several electronic devices that are necessities of a good trip, and laptops are now a common piece of equipment in natural environments these days. While there are hundreds of tactical outdoor backpacks o...[Read More]

Vitesse Duffel Bag from Review

Vitesse Duffel Bag from Review Holidays are just round the corner, and was pleased to try out a new weekend away bag. The Vitesse Duffel bag from is a great weekend away bag, it’s incredibly lightweight and durable, so great for filling up with clothes and slogging down to the beach. Elegant is the word that comes to my mind when I was using this bag over the last month...[Read More]

Review: Bomber Barrel Duffle Bag Complete Set

Review: Bomber Barrel Duffle Bag Complete Set My main job is working for a French company, and this means frequent trips to France and back. I currently have a hug grey old bag which I use, it’s coming apart and not good for short day flights. I then came across on Kickstarter, they were after $15,000 for their new duffle bag, managing to bag almost $500,000 in the process. It&#...[Read More]