Blink Wireless Security Camera Review

Blink Wireless Security Camera Review A lot of wireless security cameras, all come bundled with a monthly charge. This is normally to use the cool features and is a point of annoyance for a lot of people. So Blink has their wireless security system, which has no on-going cost. Setup is easy, you simply add the included batteries into the camera. Then open the app, scan the barcode of the camera, t...[Read More]

Review: Moreslan 1.5M Monopod / Tripod

More than just your regular selfie stick, this highly portable monopod can also be used like a tripod by attaching it to a three-legged stand. Inside the cardboard box a drawstring carry pouch contains the stick, instructions, tripod stand, smartphone / table holder and clip-on Bluetooth remote. At about 1.25ft long, the monopod extends out telescopically to almost 5ft long. It has been made from ...[Read More]

Latest 360º Camera From Brigade Includes Unique, New Customizable Features

Global leader in vehicle safety Brigade Electronics has launched its latest 360º camera monitor system – the Backeye®360 BN360-200 – incorporating a range of new and unique features to eliminate blind spots and improve safety. Designed to assist with low speed maneuvering the technology provides drivers with a comprehensive 360º bird’s-eye view of the area surrounding the vehicle...[Read More]

Review: TEC.BEAN 4K Action Cam

This action camera from TEC.BEAN is one of the many clones of the market leading GoPro products. For me this is no bad thing since the GoPro design has dominated for good reason but they tend to be too expensive for casual users. On opening the box I was a bit overwhelmed by all the accessories inside. Along with a spare battery you get just about every attachment imaginable – cable ties, ve...[Read More]

Reolink Argus: Truly Wire-Free Security Camera

Reolink Argus: Truly Wire-Free Security Camera Reolink Argus is a truly 100% wire-free and battery operated WiFi security camera with the smartest PIR sensor. Traditional wireless security cameras provide video surveillance even when there’s no network cables. But for monitoring an area without a power outlet, a battery-powered wireless security camera like Reolink Argus is definitely the to...[Read More]

CSI Android – CamFinger

Ask anyone who gorges on crime dramas and you will know the guys and gals in the labs are wizards at identifying a unique detail that can point to a specific item or person. From fingerprints to ballistics to identifying what typewriter (one for the oldies) produced a page, unique signatures are everywhere. With that said it should come as no surprise that your smartphone also has it’s own unique ...[Read More]

Miggo Your Cameras Best Amigo Review

Miggo Your Cameras Best Amigo Review Miggo are a big name in DSLR accessories. They do a variety of accessories for DSLR cameras, accounting for different sizes. I had a look at some of their items, and tested them on a Canon eos 40d I had around the office. Strap & Wrap for DSLR The Strap and Wrap is made from a two-layer neoprene material and features a zip that goes from the top all the way...[Read More]

Review: PNY Phone Camera Lens Kit

Smartphone cameras have got so good that now it’s the only camera I use. However wide-angle or macro shots usually require a dedicated camera – unless you invest in a lens kit like this. I previously reviewed a similar but relatively expensive kit specifically designed to clip onto my Samsung Galaxy S4. It worked really well but now, since upgrading my phone this kit just lies in the drawer ...[Read More]

Take professional looking studio pictures with Product Camera

We all know that visuals, and images in particular, are a huge factor for turning online viewers into customers and growing online sales. Statistics show that over 90% of online purchases from e-commerce websites are based on visual appearances. So when it comes to selling your products online you usually have two options: either upload your own pictures which, let’s face it, are mostly not ...[Read More]

Review: Garmin nüviCam Sat Nav with Dash Cam

Specialising in GPS technology the name Garmin should need no introduction to any tech enthusiast. However when it comes to car Sat Navs, we at Droid Horizon have a passion for Android devices and tend to look to Google Maps for our navigation needs since it comes free with our phones. Even when you factor in an integrated dash cam, can the dedicated Sat Nav experience really be worth the addition...[Read More]

Horizon- Android App

 Horizon – Android App   Horizon lets you record horizontal videos no matter how you hold your device. Hold it upright, sideways or even keep rotating it while capturing, your captured moment will always stay horizontal. My social streams on Google Plus and even across the web are filled with videos shot in portrait mode. I heard a rumour a long time ago that with every picture or video...[Read More]

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