iClever Holiday Deal (Promotion)

We’re delighted to help promote this fantastic iClever holiday deal. Who doesn’t like freebies? iClever devotes to the design and manufacture of bluetooth headsets, cell phone batteries, phone cases, cell phone mounts. mobile phone and tablet accessories, computer peripherals. At iClever, our overarching objective is to satisfy each and every customer with our eclectic gamut of quality...[Read More]

Review: The Power Bank Free 15000mAh from Xtorm

Review: The Power Bank Free 15000mAh from Xtorm The requirement for more power is a ever growing trend. More and more phones are coming with non removable batteries, and this means people are needing to carry backup power with them. As me and my wife both have phones with non removable batteries (S6 Edge and M8), whenever we go out for a day, we always pack a battery. Normally it’s a fight f...[Read More]

Amazon Prime Instant Video 30 day free trial

 Amazon Prime Instant Video 30 day free trial   Great reasons to try Prime Instant Video today  Britain’s largest subscription streaming service – more than 15,000 blockbuster Movies and TV shows Watch anywhere, anytime with unlimited access throughout the UK Watch exclusive hit TV shows before they air on British TV Available on a huge range of compatible devices including Smart ...[Read More]

New Poll – What’s your thoughts regarding IAP, paid or free?

 New Poll – What’s your thoughts regarding IAP, paid or free? In the news locally again… “Parents seek legal advice after daughter spent over 100 euros on their iPad.” Look at our main image too. That’s some real scary money to be throwing at a mobile game. The Tinfoil Hat Brigade reckon that the big developer studios actually leave options like this in games so...[Read More]

Droid of the Day App Review

You may have noticed that the Droid Horizon team like our apps.  In fact we almost break a smile when some kind person steers us in the direction of a quality free app.  So when someone offers to do this for us every single day in life at no charge? When you install Droid of the Day (DOTD) it waits around patiently without using resources until the pre-selected time comes when it can send you a no...[Read More]

Backgrounds HD – Review

If you like your wallpapers to have a certain Instagram look. (Which isn’t really a bad thing if you don’t mention hipster filters and inspirational quotes) you might like Backgrounds HD. Vastly popular when you see the numbers of downloads and pluses from the main picture above, although I’ve just recently discovered the app, I thought I’d share it with our readers too. Fe...[Read More]

Chip Chain – Review

Chip Chain – Review   “Place and match 3 or more identical poker chips to earn a more valuable chip, then chain together matches for huge bonuses! Play power-up cards to make combos, extend chains, and maximize your score. The dealer tosses random chips to get in your way, but if you play smart and think ahead, you can turn the tables and use them to your advantage!” chip-ch...[Read More]

Speed Math – Review

   Speed Maths, as the name implies, is a simple, fun, maths game. And it’s free.   You have a 5×5 grid of random numbers from which you choose a combination that total the target number. You have three lives, and a time limit to reach each target. As you progress your level increases, raising the target you need to reach, meaning more numbers in each combination, challenging ...[Read More]

Notif Pro – Review

  Notif Pro – Review   If your memory is anything like mine, you’ll appreciate Notif Pro. It’s a handy app that allows you to create and place custom reminders in your pull down notification bar. I’ve used something similar in the past when I was back on Gingerbread, but it wasn’t anywhere near as polished as Notif. One of the reasons I love notification bar...[Read More]

Android Collectible Guide

Android Collectible Guide is Nicolas Marien‘s first Android app,   Google Play Description: You are a new Android Mini Collector and you are lost with all the different series, names, artists…? Fear no more. This application aims to help you get along with collecting Android Mini. You can add some action figures to your personal collection, set a price for each mini, estimate your...[Read More]

Free Disney Apps

We’re not yet sure why or for how long, but some cracker Disney games are now available for free in the Play Store. * Where’s My Perry? * Wreck-It-Ralph * Puffle Launch * Where’s My Water? * Temple Run: Brave Our advice is to snap them up while you can. Prices have returned to normal.  Was this a mistake?  Did you get them in time?

Google Play Store – App Focus – Personalization

The Google Play Store’s “App Focus” just updated. This time it’s focusing on Personalization apps. It’s a little heavy on Live Wallpapers, but there is still something there that may spark your interest! Here’s a break down of what there is and how to get it! SPB Shell 3D – “Next generation use interface. 3D reality for your phone. Add a new dimensio...[Read More]