How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Smoke Free

Having a kitchen that is safe and tidy is healthy and refreshing. Sources from the US Center for Disease Control say that a dirty kitchen is a home to different bacteria types that are responsible for over eighty million illnesses reported in the US every year. Read through for an easy way to keep your cooking area clean and smoke-free.   1.Clear the Clutter  Easier said than done, huh? Nonet...[Read More]

The Ultimate Kitchen Knife Set by Pacific67 Review

The Ultimate Kitchen Knife Set by Pacific67 Review Pacific67 are not a company I have heard of before, but when I saw their kitchen knife set Kickstarter I knew I had to check them out! They have created the perfect tools to make food less of a chore and more of an adventure. These will inspire you to look past cooking, and start creating. These knives are amazing to use, they have a Japanese blad...[Read More]

Joule Sous Vide Review

Joule Sous Vide Review I am very new to the world of sous vide cooking, which involves placing food into a sealed bag, and cooking in a hot water bath. But products such as Joule’s sous vide machine makes the whole process so easy. This is the perfect combination of sleek hardware and intuitive software. The app connects easily and uses step by step video guides, to run through cooking. I lo...[Read More]

Review: Uten Digital Kitchen Scale

If you like to try new recipes or are on a restricted diet then a good kitchen scale is essential. This stainless steel model includes a 5 kg bowl and lets you easily weigh your food with digital accuracy. It comes in a cardboard box along with an instruction leaflet and 2 standard AAA batteries fitted in the compartment within the black plastic base. The scale has a flat round surface with a whit...[Read More]

The Big Squeeze Tube Squeezer Review

The Big Squeeze Tube Squeezer Review People are wanting to try and find ways to save money. I always shed a tear when I have to chuck out that last bottle of moisturizer, sunscreen, or glue. I know if I had the right tool, I could get another week out of it, instead of having to buy a new one. This is where Steve Galante comes in with his revolutionary invention the Big Squeeze. The Big Squeeze de...[Read More]

It’s American Press Review

I’m a little obsessed with coffee. Most mornings start with a flat white from an amazing local coffee bar, but at home I’ve always just settled for instant. Sure, the French press has been tried – a few times – but the coffee just isn’t that good and I wind up abandoning the experiment. You know exactly what I mean too; that sediment-y, sludgy taste that is bitter in all the wron...[Read More]

American Originals Cake Pop Maker and Snow Cone Maker Review

American Originals Cake Pop Maker and Snow Cone Maker Review The metallic red body of a kitchen utensil normally means that American Originals are here! Today we are looking at their Snow Cone maker and Cake Pop maker. The Snow Cone maker has been great for summer, and the cake pop maker will be excellent for those cold months. American Originals Cake Pop Maker I am a fan of tasty treats, so I tho...[Read More]