Review: Kinzd Carbon Fiber wallet with vertical band

  So over the summer, I’ve checked out quite a few wallets from Kinzd. Heretofore, they’ve lived up to their billing. They are usually made of genuine leather, and function exactly as one would expect. I’ve been sent two more to check out, and this review is about one of them. Admittedly, this one seems another bit of an odd duck, similar to the elastic band with an attached keyr...[Read More]

Review: Shieldon Leather Wallet Style Case

Shieldon specialise in offering a selection of cases for Apple and Samsung phones. Today I’m taking a look at their genuine leather wallet style case for the S7 Edge. It has a fold-over front cover with pockets for three credit cards and some notes. It gives the impression of a premium product, coming in really nice packaging with a cloth pouch inside a fancy slide-out cardboard box. The black cow...[Read More]

Galaxy S8 Silk Grip Case

Galaxy S8 Silk Grip Case I love a really simple case. The Silk Grip is a Onyx {Black) plastic shell with rubberised sides. The plastic is flexible, which makes it easy to make it fit on my S8. The sides of the case features covered buttons, that protect the phones naked buttons, these are relatively easy to press, but I found them at times difficult to press. The sides of the case also feature a r...[Read More]

Review: Kinzd’s leather card holder

Kinzd sells leather goods, such as wallets. I’ve reviewed several of their offerings as of late, and found them so far to be worthwhile. I’ve finished reviewing another one, that’s a bit on the lean side. Here is my experience with this one.   This wallet is more of a card holder, and far less from the conventional idea that one might associate with the word. The unit is effectiv...[Read More]

CM4 Case for the S8 Review

CM4 Case for the S8 Review With the popularity of Samsung and Android Pay, I am finding less reason to carry around a whole awallet when I go into town. So when I saw this wallet case from CM4, I knew that this was the case I had been looking for. I have always disliked wallet cases due to the bulk they add to phones, but this is when the Q Card case really shines, it is a hell of a lot slimmer th...[Read More]

Urban Armour S8 Case Review

Urban Armour S8 Case Review UAG are well known for providing an elite brand of cases for a wide range of devices. You can imagine how overjoyed I was when I received one in the post to review for my S8. I have a great deal of respect for UAG, as their military/industrial design works great for phone cases and adds a whole new element to the device when its on. Urban Armor Gear labels their differe...[Read More]


#WOODBACK SNAP CASE For S8 Review Today I’m going to look at a brand new case, the #WoodBack case from Cover-up . I was interested by the use of real wood, not just as protection but as a focal point. This provides a great look to my S8 and adds a second layer of feel with the solid wood back. I have been after a proper wood case for a while, and have been calling up blanks. A lot of places offer ...[Read More]

Incipio S8 Cases Review

Incipio S8 Cases Review Incipio are a big name in the cases game, so I thought it would be best to grab some of their cases for my S8 and give them a go. Octane Pure Case This is currently my daily driver. It’s one of the thinner cases, and has a great honeycomb design around the edges to help with grip. The cloudy back also looks pretty good, and adds another good dimension to the look of the pho...[Read More]

VRS Design Samsung S8 Cases Review

VRS Design Samsung S8 Cases Review VRS Design are a big name in phone cases, and I have been using them since I started getting Samsung phones. So when I got the S8 they were the first guys I went to, as not only do they look they also do a great job at protecting the phone itself. CRYSTAL BUMPER SERIES As someone who loves the feel of the S8 in the hand, I was interested in seeing if I could get ...[Read More]

Tech21 S8 Evo Check and Wallet Review

Tech21 S8 Evo Check and Wallet Review As I am always on the search for the next best case, I was excited to try out the Evo Check and Wallet case for my S8 from Tech21. They look great in Smokey/Black, though available in other colours and cost £29 and £39 respectively. Evo Check case This case feels great, a line of bulk/protection surrounding the edge of the phone. This meant that there was a so...[Read More]

S8 Cases from Review

S8 Cases from Review I love wood with tech. The merging of nature and technology always looks really good, the guys over at Carved feel the same way and hand make some of the best, most unique cases for phones I have ever seen. I had a chance to check out both the Reconstituted Ebony and Monochrome Robot Doom. The inlay is a black plastic shell with a black wood back, with a fish made o...[Read More]

Review: Snakehive Rosewood Back Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Wood isn’t the first material I think of when it comes to technology, but if you’re looking to give your phone a distinctive look and feel then it’s well worth checking out what UK company Snakehive have to offer. Although they have a wide range of cases for loads of different phone models, it was their wooden – and specifically their Rosewood Back case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that ca...[Read More]

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