Review: BQ Aquaris X5

In our latest hardware review, we take a look at the Aquaris X5 from BQ   The mid-level range of attractive smartphones has certainly heated up recently, whilst everyone’s favourite the Moto G slipping down the list, companies like Huawei (honor) and OnePlus have really stood out and offered fantastic devices for around the £200 price tag. Up steps BQ to take a slice of that market with...[Read More]

Review: iControl Piper NV Home Automation

If you’re interested in remotely monitoring and controlling your home then iControl have a home automation camera / hub which can be viewed and controlled from your Android or iOS device. Piper NV Available in a choice of black or white, Piper NV is a relatively large (5.5” x 3.5”) plastic-shelled unit which sits on it’s own stand and provides a 180° Wi-Fi 3.4MP 1980 x 1080 camera (with night visi...[Read More]

Review: Shoulderpod S1

For me 2015 has been the year we’ve really seen a major leap forward in Android smartphone cameras. The performance of many high-end handset shooters is finally good enough that most people won’t feel the need to carry a separate camera. Have said that, the smartphone experience still lacks some of the finesse of a dedicated camera. Tripod use is out the window and one-handed point-and-shoot can b...[Read More]

Review: UBSOUND Dreamer On-Ear Headphones

Back in August we reviewed Italian new-start UBSOUND’s Fighter earbuds and came away impressed. Now they have introduced Dreamer wired on-ear headphones and were kind enough to send us a pair to see how they stack up. Build Quality & Design Dreamer have a mostly black plastic shell which makes for a very light headset. This seems to be quality plastic and gives a good impression of durability,...[Read More]

Feature: Top Case Round-Up – Best Cases for the LG G4

If you’re a follower of Droid Horizon’s content then you may have noticed that we’ve reviewed quite a few cases for the LG G4 since it came out. While each of our reviews is written to help you make an informed decision about a product before purchasing, the G4 case reviews also served a grander purpose. This was to not only determine which are the best cases, but also who are the best case manufa...[Read More]

Review: Urban Armor Gear Ash Protective Case for LG G4

Thanks to our friends at GadgetWear we have one final entry for our round-up of the best LG G4 cases, and it just happens to be from one of our favourite case manufacturers – Urban Armor Gear. UAG cases all follow a similar industrial design with the main shell made from a tough polycarbonate that’s been especially designed to be rigid while remaining extremely light and providing excellent ...[Read More]

Review: Motorola X Play

Review: Motorola X Play   In a slightly different approach this year, Motorola launched two “flagship” phones. I now hate the word “flagship,” it has come to mean the bestest, most expensive in the line from a given manufacturer. With Motorola that really isn’t the case in 2015 though. We have the Motorola X Play here at DroidHorizon towers, we’ll be giving...[Read More]


Every now and then I get asked to review something out of the ordinary, well out the ordinary for me, and I make no secret that I love board games or tabletop games as they are more commonly known as now, so I was extremely happy when I got asked to take a look at a completely new game called “less” by invented4. In fact what I was told is ” it’s like chess but less” ...[Read More]

Review: HTC Desire 626

      Review: HTC Desire 626 In our latest review, we give our thoughts and opinions on the just announced HTC Desire 626. We are lucky enough to be sent a pre-release sample of the device from the manufacturer and we’ll share our experiences with readers who may be interested in buying the device. In our usual manner, we’ll break things down into the key areas that we t...[Read More]

Review: ASUS Zenfone 2

  Review: ASUS Zenfone 2   We go hands-on with ASUS’s latest “flagship” device. Times are changing in the mobile market these days. Affordable devices are coming westward that certainly pack good specifications and modest tags, but, are they any good? In my opinion it’s time to drop these money upfront and tied to a network for 24 months deals, believe me there ar...[Read More]

Review: Poetic Affinity Hybrid Case for the LG G4

We reviewed the Poetic Revolution case for the G4 a while back which offered heavy duty protection, but if you’d prefer something a little lighter then you might like to take a look at their Affinity series case. The Affinity consists of a “Frost Clear” semi-transparent polycarbonate back with a choice of white or gray (pictured) dense TPU bumper surrounding the edge of your phon...[Read More]

Review: Intocircuit Power Castle (2nd Gen) 15000mAh Power Bank

Last year Ste gave a very positive review for the first generation Power Castle. Intocircuit now have a second gen. version available so I decided to see if it still stacks up. Build Quality & Design Happily Intocircuit have retained the same design and build quality. Again the laser-carved brushed aluminium alloy shell sets this device apart from the competition in terms of build materials. O...[Read More]

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