Review: WiZ Smart Lighting Solutions

The Internet of Things is all the rage at the moment as more and more gadgets are connecting to our home WiFi network, allowing them to offer “smart” features such as remote / voice control and automation. WiZ offer a range of high-tech LED lighting solutions and we got the chance to evaluate three of their main products – their Hero and Quest lamps and Colors smart bulbs. Instal...[Read More]

Review: Oxyled T35 4W LED Desk Lamp

This T35 lamp from Oxyled comes in a cardboard box along with a USB power cable, instruction leaflet and warranty card. It consists strip of 16 LEDs connected to a flat base by a two-part folding arm. The lamp is compact and fairly light, but seems to have been made from high quality materials which combine with modern styling to deliver a lamp which I definitely like the look of sitting on my des...[Read More]

Review: EC Technology RGB LED Table Lamp

Standing at just over 6” high this cylindrical table lamp has an aluminium base and white ABS plastic lamp shade. It is very power efficient running on only 3W of electricity, and comes with an instruction leaflet and a USB charging cable. To charge the internal 3600mAh battery you’ll need your own USB power source which can connect with the supplied cable to the standard Micro USB port on the bac...[Read More]

ZUZI TECH Releases Second Generation Portable Lamp [Crowdfunded]

“ZuziLite” is a multi-function lamp that has added a new paradigm to the functionality of portable light sources. No other portable lamp comes close to matching its advanced features.   Sometimes, all it takes to turn a good idea into a great idea is a little ingenuity. Such is the case with Zuzi Tech’s new product release, “ZuziLite”. This innovative new portable lamp is the first such produ...[Read More]

Lucis Wireless Mood Lamp Review

Lucis Wireless Mood Lamp Review Ask anyone who knows me and they won’t say I am a lamp kind of guy. But when I managed to get a Lucis lamp in the office for review, I was amazed by how much I enjoyed it. This mood lamp boasts 80 hours of “lamp” time, more than 16 million colours! Normally a smart product liek this, would have an companion app, which I would probably rip apart and...[Read More]

Review: Dimmable LED Desk Lamp from BYB

BYB is a company that sells LED lighting solutions. Over the last several days, I’ve been using one of their LED desk lamps, that includes a USB charging port. At this risk of spoiling the ending too early, I liked this lamp. It’s fairly simple in its design, and for what it does, it does it well. The design of the lamp is monochromatic in its coloring, having a glossy black base with ...[Read More]

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