Review: UMIDIGI Plus 5.5” Android 7.0 Smartphone

While selling for a fraction of the price, UMIDIGI’s Plus Android smartphone boasts some high end specs that put some better known brands to shame. Sharp 5.5” 1920 x 1080 LCD Touchscreen MediaTek 8 Core Helio P10 CPU, Mali-T860 GPU 4000mAh Internal Battery 4GB RAM and 32GB of Storage 0.1-0.3 sec Fingerprint Unlock USB Type C Connector with support for Quick Charge 13MP Rear and 5MP Front Cameras M...[Read More]

How to Connect Mobile Phone with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a very versatile device for programmers. Novice and experienced coders can take advantage of Raspberry Pi which is a highly adaptable device. Raspberry Pi is available since 2012. You can accomplish complex electronics projects as effortlessly as plain practical projects with Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is known to power anything from games and toys to smart media such as TV. A Brie...[Read More]

Review: Leagoo Lead 6 Android 4.4 Smartphone from EasySMX

The Chinese Leagoo brand isn’t that well known here in the UK, so I didn’t quite know what to expect when EasySMX are offering their fully functional smartphone for just £50 (~$62). Available in rose, white, blue or black colours, for the UK market EasySMX have obviously swapped out the charging brick as a 1A USB UK wall charger is included outside the box. Inside along with the phone you get an i...[Read More]

Average 18 Year Old Spends 1,653 Hours On Their Phone Per Year

The Average 18 Year Old Spends 1,653 (68 Days) Hours On Their Mobile Phone Per Year On average a female spends 2 hours 17 minutes a day on her mobile On average a male spends 2 hours 14 minutes a day on his mobile The average 18 year old spends 343 hours (14 Days) a year on social media channels (Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube). The average 18 year old spends 1 hours 23 minutes texting an...[Read More]

The Good Air Guru Foobot Review

The Good Air Guru Foobot Review The foobot is not something I would think, I would have in my house. It’s a smart home device that detects indoor air pollution. Foobot is a great looking gadget that looks smooth and cool, while tracking the quality of air in your home. The foobot setup took around 3 minutes to do, as it was run through the app, and turning the Foobot upside down. It allowed ...[Read More]

Why You Cannot Afford to Not Upgrade Your Phone System

Upgrading a phone system may seem counterproductive for some organizations. After all, as long as you can answer a call, you have all you need, right? Keeping an office telephone system up-to-date with the latest technology ensures you can talk to anyone, from any location in the world at any time. Taking the time to implement telecom management software with this upgrade can help a business stay ...[Read More]

(Sponsored) Phone Recycling With OnRecycle

OnRecycle provides a very easy mobile recycling comparison service for you to get the best price when you recycle your mobile phone online. All you need to do is search for your device! Alternatively, you can choose whether you’re selling a phone or selling a tablet by clicking on the devices above. From there, choose your brand, find your model, and choose your recycler online from our mobi...[Read More]

TINYSTICKY The instantaneous car phone holder

TinySticky is a super innovative, double sided sticky pad made of high quality, non-toxic rubber.   There are plenty of gummy anti­slip dashboard pads out there, but TinySticky is the smallest, most versatile, super sticky pad there is. This 2×2 cm, double sided pad lets users attach small objects of up to 3 lbs onto any flat surface and it’s transferable and renewable. In just a few sec...[Read More]

Beefeater launches ‘No Phone Zone’ to ensure Mums have full attention on Sunday

MUM’S THE WORD AT DINNER WITH PHONE FREE ZONES   The introduction of the smoking ban saw an end to restaurants being split into smoking and non-smoking areas but this Sunday, Beefeater are introducing a new kind of dining segregation – a ‘No Phone Zone’. Launched to coincide with Mother’s Day, Britain’s best-known steak restaurant has taken the bold step to...[Read More]

Smartphone Giants Continue Investment in Virtual Reality Devices

A recent report published on Research and Markets has predicted that the virtual reality market will reach a value of $15.89 billion by 2020, with smartphone penetration expected to build a huge market for mobile gamers. Following in the footsteps of HTC & Samsung, news broke this week that Google were developing their own virtual-reality headset for smartphones.   The new headset will fe...[Read More]

One in 25 young adults admit to having crashed their car while using their phone.

One in 25 young adults have crashed their car while checking social media apps on their smartphone, a new study reveals. The latest research indicates our lives, as well as our happiness, can be put at risk as our obsession with handheld devices grows. A third (29%) of Brits aged between 18 and 35 have admitted walking into someone or something when they have been monitoring social media apps on t...[Read More]

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