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Android evangelist, having been geeked out on Android since getting a Samsung Galaxy S2 in 2011. Now rockin' the S7 Edge. Please support my valiant efforts to convert the unenlightened to Googlism.

DataSync Review

For many years if you wanted to transfer an app (including data) between Android devices, Titanium Backup was the standard. However over the past 6 months or so some healthy competition has sprung up, with one of the most recent being DataSync. Just like Titanium this requires root access, but rather than backing up your apps and settings DataSync specializes in syncing them – for instance b...[Read More]

Snapdragon BatteryGuru Review

  Snapdragon BatteryGuru Review Android has no shortage of apps claiming to extend your battery life, and the latest free contender from Qualcomm is designed to only work with devices sporting their Snapdragon processors. Once installed this app won’t show any benefit for 3 days.  During that time it watches you.  Don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of N.S.A. app designed to i...[Read More]

Samsung HDTV Adapter Review

  Samsung HDTV Adapter Review   This adapter allows you to mirror the screen of your Samsung device to any HDMI compatible HDTV / Monitor.  Just plug one end of the cable into your Micro-USB socket, and plug the HDMI cable coming from the TV into the other end.  The adapter was tested with a Galaxy S4 which supports MHL 2.0 meaning it can be powered from the HDMI cable.  While the adapte...[Read More]

Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper Review

    Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper Review   Google started a new craze when they introduced the Photosphere. Although a little tricky to master, the capability to capture 360 degree panoramas on your phone and share them on Google+ has captured many peoples imagination allowing them to share some breathtaking imagery and virtually transport the viewer all around the globe. If youR...[Read More]

The apps we can’t live without… – Series (Roy)

  The apps we can’t live without   It seems the Droid Horizon team have a similar mentality when it comes to Android apps, where most apps getting removed after a while apart from a few core apps.  So these are my indispensable apps that always make it on my phone… AdFree [root] – sorry developers, personally I can’t be doing with ads.  I never click on them, and if I d...[Read More]

Cygnett Workmate Evolution Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Cygnett Workmate Evolution Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4     This case is marketed as a Tri-material extra-protective case which basically means they have used layers of PC, TPU and silicone to absorb the shocks. On opening the packaging we find a screen protector and the case which comes as two separate layers – an outer hard shell and a silicone inner shell. When fitted the sili...[Read More]

Gus on the Go (Spanish) Review

  Gus on the Go   Although learning a new language is difficult for my aging brain, young kids have a special aptitude for it.  Instead of numbing their brains with mindless games, Gus on the Go aims to help kids learn a selection of almost 90 useful words in a selection of languages.  They say you shouldn’t teach a child a second language until they are 5 years old as you might co...[Read More]

DroidHorizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4 – Review

  Samsung Galaxy S4 – Review     We’ve had the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 these last few weeks and we’re now going to share our thoughts on Samsung’s latest and greatest high-end smartphone. We’ll be breaking things up in to segments, so things don’t get too boring for you and we’ll try to keep things simple and from an end user’s viewpoint. Th...[Read More]

Reddit Auto-Wallpaper Review

The many customization options that Android provides has saw a community of enthusiasts arise that love to continually change the look of their home screens.  Different launchers, icon packs and wallpapers keep our devices looking fresh, with some people mixing it up on a daily basis. Personally I like to keep things simple and have recognizable icons where I can find them.  However I do get sick ...[Read More]

Jift App Review

  The current choice of social media can leave you feeling a little conflicted. Most of the people you know in real life are most likely using Facebook. Google+ on the other hand is our undisputed favourite at Droid Horizon, with it’s great levels of interaction, slick ad-free (and farmville free) user interface and the easy way you can make new friends with people who share your intere...[Read More]

Review: Toca Hair Salon 2

Despite the rumours about the DroidHorizon team, none of us are qualified hairdressers.  However some of us do have kids, so it may not be too late for the next generation to pick up the curling tongs and make us proud. TOCA Hair Salon 2 is an iOS port to Android aimed at kids.  You can choose one of six victims customers to operate on, after which they will take a seat in front of you.  Now the f...[Read More]

Carmageddon Game Review

I admit it. For a gamer, I’m old. At my age I’m supposed to have more sense. I certainly should have matured past mindlessly violent video games. Way back in 1997 it was a different story. I was in my twenties and although the internet had already started to take off, my home was totally off-line. I was into PC gaming and used to buy PC magazines mainly for their cover CD crammed full ...[Read More]

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