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Android evangelist, having been geeked out on Android since getting a Samsung Galaxy S2 in 2011. Now rockin' the S7 Edge. Please support my valiant efforts to convert the unenlightened to Googlism.

Breffo Spiderpodium Review

The Spiderpodium is marketed as a universal, multi-purpose, gadget grip, holster, dock and display podium that is compatible with all compact handheld devices.  While unlikely to trigger arachnaphobia, with it’s 8 bendable segmented legs the black review unit certainly resembles a spider.  There are 8 different colours available (including the glow-in-the-dark camping version), so you can tr...[Read More]

TYLT Band Car Charger Review

Charging your phone in the car can provide a welcome boost to your battery level, and is absolutely essential if you use your phone for GPS navigation.  However not all chargers are the same – with plenty of cheap, low-quality versions offering a low charge rate while looking untidy at the front of your car.  The TYLT Band aims to change all this by adding a bit of quality and tangle-free st...[Read More]

Re-Volt 2 Game Review

We loved the retro-goodness of RC Racing game Re-Volt Classic when we reviewed it back in May, and now with over 2.5 million downloads (for a paid game) it seems that we weren’t the only ones. So when we heard about the release of Re-Volt 2 we were excited to get our hands on it.  However rather than the true sequel the name suggests, Re-Volt 2 is more of an upgrade which incorporates a move...[Read More]

Battle For Your Living Room: Chromecast vs Android Mini-PC

Back in July, Google announced the Chromecast – a $35 HDMI dongle that connects to your TV and plays media from the cloud over WiFi.  However there is another inexpensive category of dongle – the Android Mini PC – that promises not only to play your media, but run your Android apps and games just like your phone or tablet. Being UK based, neither option was readily available to m...[Read More]

Heroes of Loot Game Review

Many moons ago there was an arcade game called Gauntlet, which basically involved running around, shooting in one of eight directions to wipe out hordes of bad guys, picking up treasure and finding the exit to the level. Sometimes you needed to find keys to open doors, but that was as complicated as gameplay got. The big draw was that the arcade machine had four joysticks, and you could play with ...[Read More]

Zenus Masstige Color Point Leather Case Review for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung have taken a lot of flak for their liberal use of plastic for the outer shell of their devices, and for me this has been getting worse with the shiny plastic back on the S4 feeling cheaper and less grippy than my previous S2 with it’s textured back.  It seems they’ve finally started to take a little notice, with the recent Galaxy Note 3 and Note 10.1 2014 edition having a synth...[Read More]

Smart IR Remote – Samsung/HTC Review

A few years ago I got sick of juggling all the remotes in my living room and purchased a Harmony Universal Remote. After extensive set up and tweaking of the configuration it was finally able to replace all my other remotes, and I’ve been using it exclusively ever since. Now with the HTC One and quite a few of the recent Samsung devices including an IR Blaster and a rebranded version of the ...[Read More] App Review

  These days there are a glut of music streaming services fighting for our monthly subscription, and London based is the new kid on the block.  Their focus is on delivering a choice of subscriptions via mobile apps for iOS and Android, beginning with a free radio service with paid options priced at £1, £5 or £10 per month.  A paid subscription allows you to “borrow” a num...[Read More]

Megatroid Game Review

Apparently Metroid has been a successful series of games on Nintendo, and we now have an Android clone of this platform game. The first thing you notice when opening the game is that the graphics are top-notch. Futuristic with neon lighting and 3D art, the graphics sell this game right from the start. The soundtrack has an 8-bit retro feel which really suits this type of game. Hali (the main chara...[Read More]

Uifit PadPivot Tablet Stand Review

Uifit PadPivot Tablet Stand Review   PadPivot™ is a “LAP and Desk stand” for iPad®, tablets and e-readers that blends form and seamless function to improve tablet users’ viewing experiences. On a desk or resting on your lap, PadPivot™ gives hands-free support. Finally, you can enjoy a cup of tea as you read, munch on some popcorn as you watch a movie, gain an edge while gami...[Read More]

Middle Manager of Justice – Review

Middle Manager of Justice – Review   Let me just say that management was never my thing.  I don’t do politics (even office politics) and have enough trouble managing my own life without trying to manage other people.  However when it comes to managing a crew of superheroes, of course I had to give it a try. Being a middle manager of justice involves setting up and developing your ...[Read More]

Cruzerlite Experience Case for the Galaxy S4 – Review

  Cruzerlite Experience Case for the Galaxy S4 The Experience case from Cruzerlite is a semi-transparent TPU case decorated with icons “representing the power of a stock device”.  It is one of a range of Android themed cases from Cruzerlite that let’s you show off your love of Android. The case fits on fairly easily, and feels really good in the hand.  The high quality TPU a...[Read More]

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