Roy Smyth

Android evangelist, having been geeked out on Android since getting a Samsung Galaxy S2 in 2011. Now rockin' the S7 Edge. Please support my valiant efforts to convert the unenlightened to Googlism.

Bad Piggies Review

You can’t deny that Rovio have had phenomenal success with Angry Birds, making these wingless and legless creatures as recognizable as Sonic or Mario.  Just as famous are the game’s villains – those chuckling green piggies.  After countless iterations of Angry Birds games, Rovio have now let the bad guys have a spin-off of their own, namely “Bad Piggies“.  However don...[Read More]

Zeemote JS1 Controller Review

Zeemote kindly sent DroidHorizon some of their JS1 Bluetooth gaming controllers for review.  I tested two of them with my Nexus 7 tablet and Samsung Galaxy S2 phone to see the difference these controllers make to the Android gaming experience. These miniature controllers are very light and fit comfortably in the hand, with a kind of rubberized texture which means they won’t slip out of your ...[Read More]

Skydrive finally available for Android

Microsoft’s Skydrive cloud storage solution has been available on other platforms for quite a while, but up until now they have left poor Android users out in the cold.  However they have finally released their Android app allowing you to access your Skydrive documents and upload new ones. Microsoft gives a healthy 7GB of free storage by default (with some old accounts like my own boasting 2...[Read More]

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