Must Have Mattress For 2017 – Leesa Mattress

Must Have For 2017 – Leesa Mattress My mum has a serious neck injury, so wanted to know what kind mattress would be best for her. I’ve had my Leesa for around a year, and recommended it. I checked online and found a lot of people swear by Leesa to provide a more comfortable sleep, even with a back or neck injury. The Leesa mattress is made from three different layers of foam, 22cm in h...[Read More]

FlexiSpot 35″ Stand Up Desk Review

FlexiSpot 35″ Stand Up Desk Review As an office worker, I sit down at a desk for around 10 hours a day. Which is why I wanted to try the 35″ stand up desk from FlexiSpot! This behemoth is be enough to hold two screens, and a variety of gaming keyboards. It even has a slot for a tablet or phone. The FlexiSpot arrives fully assembled, but I would advise that you will need a second pair o...[Read More]

Pro Xbox One Controller from Evil Controllers Review

Pro Xbox One Controller from Evil Controllers Review I am not a big gamer, I like to play off and on, but never really online or in any competition. But I was unaware that modded controllers have become more common, and as such means more companies are coming out to meet the demand. Evil Controllers are one such company, and I will be looking at their Xbox One controller. Some of the popular mods ...[Read More]

Review: EC Technology RGB LED Table Lamp

Standing at just over 6” high this cylindrical table lamp has an aluminium base and white ABS plastic lamp shade. It is very power efficient running on only 3W of electricity, and comes with an instruction leaflet and a USB charging cable. To charge the internal 3600mAh battery you’ll need your own USB power source which can connect with the supplied cable to the standard Micro USB port on the bac...[Read More]

Braun Beard Trimmer & Gillette ProShield Chill Review

Braun Beard Trimmer & Gillette ProShield Chill Review Coming into the new year, I tend to want to better my appearance. This was done by taming my rocking beard! This was achieved with the Braun beard trimmer and the Gillette chill razor. Braun Beard Trimmer I have owned Braun products in the past, and they have always been long lasting and built well. The Braun beard trimmer feels incredibly ...[Read More]

New Year Swag – The SteelSeries Apex M800 Mechanical Keyboard Review

New Year Swag – The SteelSeries Apex M800 Mechanical Keyboard Review I’m sure like a lot of other people who work in an office environment, you are probably using Dan’s old keyboard before he left. It’s black, shiny, you can tell he liked going online as the “W” key is worn down, and suspiciously so is the “X” key. So like the MX Mouse before, I was looking to up my game in the keyboard market and...[Read More]

Appkettle – The World’s Smartest Kettle Review

Appkettle – The World’s Smartest Kettle Review I am a man of very few vices, though one is having a coffee in the morning when I get up. A couple of weeks ago I was waking up, checking if the kettle needed to be filled, turning on the kettle,  waiting for it to boil and then having a coffee. Now since using the Appkettle for the last week, my morning routine has changed to now, just wa...[Read More]

DroidBOX T8 Mini Gamer’s Edition Bundle Review

DroidBOX T8 Mini Gamer’s Edition Bundle Review For the past month I have been using the T8 Mini as my daily Android TV box. It’s had some fantastic reviews, and looks like a great option for people wanting an Android box to plug into their TV. This also has the advantage of being part of DroidBOX gaming bundle, which includes a keyboard remote and gamepad. Specs: Processor: 2.0 GHz Quad Core...[Read More]

Polar M600 Review

Polar M600 Review Could this be the smartwatch we have been waiting for, Google’s Android Wear OS combined with Polars fitness tracking. The M600 is definitely aimed at people with active lifestyles, but the addition of Android Wear means extra functionality is available. The Polar M600 is designed to look like an activity tracker, the rubber material surrounds the screen. This is a chunky w...[Read More]

Devolo Home Control Review

Devolo Home Control Review I was excited to have a go on the Home Control Starter Pack from Devolo,which is everything you need to make the jump into a smarter home. It contains a the central unit, a sensor for a door or window and a smart plug. It’s also a great for expanding with other smart products by Devolo and Z-Wave products. Set up was a breeze. All I had to do was plug in the smart ...[Read More]

KitchenAid Mini Review

KitchenAid Mini Review I have had the pleasure of using the KitchenAid Mini, KitchenAid’s latest stand mixer that has all the power of its bigger brother, yet a lot smaller. It’s rocking a 7 pint bowl and is 7kg lighter than the bigger models. If this isn’t good already, it’s also compatible with most of the KitchenAid attachments. I can confirm 100% bigger isn’t bett...[Read More]

Lush Christmas Range 2016

Lush Christmas Range 2016 Christmas is just round the corner, and as such I have been getting in the Christmas mood early. Our good friends over at Lush sent us over some of their Christmas based products to get us in the festive spirit. I can’t remember the last time the DroidHorizon office smelt so nice. We have all bathed, scrubbed and conditioned our bodies and are ready from Santa Claus...[Read More]

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