It’s American Press Review

I’m a little obsessed with coffee. Most mornings start with a flat white from an amazing local coffee bar, but at home I’ve always just settled for instant. Sure, the French press has been tried – a few times – but the coffee just isn’t that good and I wind up abandoning the experiment. You know exactly what I mean too; that sediment-y, sludgy taste that is bitter in all the wron...[Read More]

QacQoc USB Type-C Hub Review

QacQoc USB Type-C Hub Review The QacQoc Type-C Hub is here to get rid of any port evny Mac users have. This clean, contemporary hub from QacQoc offers ports a plenty and slots for additional storage all through one USB-C port. This thing weighs just under 60g and that makes it super easy to just grab and throwin your bag. The colour options are cool, as they allow you to match the hub to your Mac ...[Read More]

Razer Basilisk mouse and BlackWidow V2 TE Review

Razer Basilisk mouse and BlackWidow V2 TE Review Gaming in 2018 is now made a lot easier with the Razer Basilisk mouse and BlackWidow V2 TE keyboard. Razer were nice enough to send me down both to review, so decided to check them out together. Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 Following on from the awesome finger experience of the Chroma, Razer have released the Chroma V2 Tournament Ed...[Read More]

Screenstick Precision Joystick for your Tablet and Smartphone Review

Screenstick Precision Joystick for your Tablet and Smartphone Review I tend to game a lot on my mobile, and a lot of times I have to be looking for the controls each time. This makes action packed games difficult to play, especially if there is a lot of movement. The ScreenStick is a small portable joystick you can carry with you, that attaches to the screen of your phone/tablet. This makes it a l...[Read More]

Booq Daypack Review

Booq Daypack Review Booq isn’t a company I have had a lot of experince with, but I am in love withe their latest offering the Booq Daypack. This backpack is perfect for a commuter with space for a laptop and other tech, a nice selection of pockets, and a pretty nifty safety feature. I was impressed by the initial look of the Booq Daypack, I had been sent the clay canvas colour, and it looked cool ...[Read More]

Hydro Flask Coffee and Food Flask Review

Hydro Flask Coffee and Food Flask Review I am a big coffee drinker, and have a couple of thermoses for drinking coffee as I go, but these tend to leak or lose heat too quickly. I also tend to like to bring lunch in from home and at the moment use old takeaway plastic boxes. So I approached Hydro Flask who offer solutions to both my problems. Every Hydro Flask uses double-walled vacuum insulation, ...[Read More]

Review: Ymiko Smart Bathroom Scale

I’ve struggled with my weight in the past and need to monitor it to keep me motivated. While any bathroom scale will do the job, this one connects wirelessly to your phone allowing it to not only record and keep track of your weight, but also loads of other stats such as your BMI, % body fat and % water. Inside the box you get the scales themselves along with instructions and 3 AAA batteries...[Read More]

WiZ Announces Lifestyle Smart Lights Feature with New Scheduled Presets at CES 2018

Add even greater utility, while enhancing health and wellbeing, with up to five automatic and adjustable lighting modes based on time of day, location and more   WiZ Connected Light, the leading innovator of smart lighting technology, today announced a new Scheduled Presets function. It enables your smart lights to know your regular activity level throughout the day and night, automatically p...[Read More]

Atman Pretty Plus Vaporizer Pen Review

Atman Pretty Plus Vaporizer Pen Review This vaporizer is a lot more better looking then others I have looked at. The Pretty Plus from Atman is to only be used for dry herbs. After using it for a couple of months I was really happy with the Pretty Plus. I loved the look of this, it’s sleek and discrete. There is only the one button, which turns it on and only one temperature setting, which ma...[Read More]

EasySMX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

EasySMX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review The EasySMX Gaming Keyboard keyboard is mechanical, this is a perfect keyboard for gaming, and also perfect for office work. I plugged in the EasySMX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, and Windows automatically downloaded and installed the drivers. The EasySMX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has some tricks up its sleeve in regards to layout. It has the standard layou...[Read More]

The Gloucester Biltong Company Droewors Review

The Gloucester Biltong Company Droewors Review Ding dong merrily on high, In heav’n the Droewors are tasty! That’s right, the Gloucester Biltong Company are here in the Droid Horizon offices with a new treat for us. This time around its Droewors, which are excellent snacks to have in the office. We were sent a sample of each flavor of Droewors, Traditional, Garlic and Piri Piri. Each w...[Read More]

Uber Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

Uber Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review I have seen a lot of Shave Club subscription services become available in the UK, and Uber Sonic is now offering an electronic toothbrush with a refill subscription. There is an initial cost of £19 which the Uber Sonic toothbrush itself, a gel whitening kit and 2 brush heads. Then there is a charge of £9 every two months for the brush heads. Staying with Uber ...[Read More]

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