HydroFlask 64 oz Growler and 16 oz True Pint Review

HydroFlask 64 oz Growler and 16 oz True Pint Review Nothing makes camping better then a nice pint by the fire. But this can be difficult with rubbish and having to carry glass bottles or cans with you. Enter the Growler, this can carry 64 ounces of booze, making every sip of your IPA as carbonated and icy cold as when it was first poured. You can then enjoy it in your True Pint which keeps your pi...[Read More]

Hydro Flask 64 oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle Review

Hydro Flask 64 oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle Review I am a big water drinker, and have big bottles at home and work for drinking water as I go. Though I do have to replace the plastic bottles after a couple of days of use, and find normal glasses too small. So I approached Hydro Flask who are the artists of water bottles. Each Hydro Flask bottle uses double-walled vacuum insulation, which is called T...[Read More]

Anki Cozmo Robot Review

Anki Cozmo Robot Review The Cozmo Robot from Anki , is definitely gonna be top of a lot of peoples Christmas lists. Cozmo is truck shaped – and is controlled via your mobile phone. Cozmo comes with three blocks to play with and a base charger which is USB. Right out of the box Cozmo wow’d me. His face has a wide range of expression, and is very reminiscent of WALL-E. He yawns when he “...[Read More]

MOS Pack Charging backpack – Review

MOS Pack Charging backpack – Review The MOS Pack features a built-in charging station and internal cable management so you can charge everything without taking it all out of your backpack. After using it for a couple of weeks, I can confirm 100% they are telling the truth. This juggernaut of a bag, packs a wall charger, with two USB ports to plug in a variety of mobile devices. Everything is...[Read More]

Review: Rollerblade’s Macroblade 84 Alu inline skates

Sold by the company known as Rollerblade, I have recently purchased one of their sets of inline skates. In this case, it is a set known as the Macroblade 84 Alu. Using these over the past several weeks has been a very interesting experience for me, considering it’s a hobby that I haven’t done in nearly two decades, leading up to my purchase of this particular pair. I acquired them for ...[Read More]

ForeverSpin Tops Review

ForeverSpin Tops Review In this world of technology, I thought I would take a step back and look at something a bit more calmer. ForeverSpin manufacture spinning tops, made of precious metals. Having spent time using them, I think any stress head should have at least one, just to take a spin with.These spinning tops are crafted from metals and alloys, some of which I haven’t even held in my ...[Read More]

Review: Orico USB 3.0 4-Port Transparent Hub

If you’re like me you can never have too many USB ports on your PC, so it makes sense to plug in a hub like this which will turn one port into 4. Coming in a small cardboard box, this square-shaped hub has a transparent plastic shell so you can see it’s circuit board innards. There are four USB 3.0 ports along the top, while on one edge there’s both a standard Micro USB power input port and ...[Read More]

Waterfield Bolt Crossbody Laptop Bag Review

Waterfield Bolt Crossbody Laptop Bag Review When starting the new year, I always look at my bag and know that I need to get a new one. So I looked at, who we have looked at before. I was drawn to their Bolt Crossbody Laptop Bag. It has five pockets, and a built in padded compartment for my laptop and tablet. Having used it for a month or so, I can tell this is definitely the bag for me....[Read More]

Review: EasyAcc 4” USB Mini Desktop Fan

A fan can really help you cool down when you’re too hot, but most battery operated fans aren’t that great. They tend to eat through batteries and don’t generate that much breeze. This fan is powered directly from a standard USB port on your computer, charger or power bank. This flexibility means you’ll always find somewhere to plug it in – typically to devices with huge batteries than have n...[Read More]

Sneaky Shoe Cleaning Kit Review

Sneaky Shoe Cleaning Kit Review I am a big shoe owner, so like to keep them clean. Wanting to make sure not to damage the material I hunted out Sneaky. A brand that pride themselves on keeping the worlds shoes clean and fresh. The Sneaky Cleaning Kit is complete solution for cleaning shoes and keeping them looking good.  The kit comes with a “direct to shoe” foaming cleaner, which is p...[Read More]

Judge 300 W Stand Mixer Review

Judge 300 W Stand Mixer Review With The Great British Bake Off back on our screens, it feels only right to look at a stand mixer. The Judge 300 W is a stand mixer with a difference, as not only does it stand, but will also detach and allow you to mix freely too.  I found the Judge Stand Mixer is the best choice for anyone with a small kitchen, as it doesn’t take up a lot of space. There is a...[Read More]

Grüum Razor Subscription Box Review

Grüum Razor Subscription Box Review Grüum offer a subscription based razor set, with a bit of a difference. The process of building the kit, allows for a more tailored package. You have to fill in a survey specifying your current facial hair, and how you want it to look at the end. This is a refreshing turn from the trend of subscription boxes. I tend to want a little stubble on my beard, but a fr...[Read More]

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