Review: EasySMX Cool 2000 Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset

The Cool 2000 is a large over-the-ear headset that uses 3 wired cables to connect to your gaming PC by plugging two audio jacks into the 3.5mm microphone and audio-out sockets, plus a USB cable to power the lights. It comes packaged in a cardboard box along with instructions and an adapter that combines the audio and mic jacks into a single 3.5mm jack allowing this headset to also be used with you...[Read More]

Review: Uten Digital Kitchen Scale

If you like to try new recipes or are on a restricted diet then a good kitchen scale is essential. This stainless steel model includes a 5 kg bowl and lets you easily weigh your food with digital accuracy. It comes in a cardboard box along with an instruction leaflet and 2 standard AAA batteries fitted in the compartment within the black plastic base. The scale has a flat round surface with a whit...[Read More]

What To Do With a Leaky Vape Tank

A leaky vape tank can ruin your vaping experience as the juice sometimes will spill over your hands. This usually happens when the tank is faulty and it cannot hold the juice in place. It’s a frustrating experience that should not hold you back from enjoying your juice. Before fixing the tank, you can use a paper towel to clear the mess. It happens regardless of brand, so you are not likely to esc...[Read More]

Tesalate Anti-Sand Towel Review

Tesalate Anti-Sand Towel Review I love going to the beach, but I just hate how sand gets everywhere. You then pack up your towel and its all in the bag the towel is in. But Tesalate has released a range of great looking towels, which let you leave the sand at the beach. Everyday beach towels are made of looped fibres, which mean that they easily trap sand. Tesalate uses smooth microfiber fabrics, ...[Read More]

Molton Brown London Men’s Deodorant Review

Molton Brown London Men’s Deodorant Review Molton Brown specialise in premium products, such as their deodorants. These are researched and tested, with unqiue flavours and combinations being used. Bushukan Deodorant This was quite a unique smell for me. It’s mixture of lemon and black pepper are very bright, and is an excellent morning wake up. A vivifying deodorant spray bursting with...[Read More]

Pet Snack Launcher Review

Pet Snack Launcher Review The Pet Snack Launcher, allows you to deliver treats to your pets at speed and with a little bit of air. The construction seems sturdy and it isn’t too loud. Ability to aim is limited, but the surprise of where the treats will go adds to the fun. It’s a very simple design, the Pet Snack Launcher lets you give snacks to your furry companions at breakneck speed,...[Read More]

Review: Audew Double Cylinder Portable Air Compressor

Powered from the car’s cigarette lighter socket, I find having an air compressor like this new model from Audew really handy to have stored in the boot (trunk) of my car. Not only is it useful for checking and keeping your car’s tyres at the recommended pressure, but if you get a slow puncture then it can pump enough air in to get you to the tyre repair centre without having to change the tyre. I ...[Read More]

Review: Donword Genuine Leather Wallets

Today I’ll be taking a look at a couple of genuine leather wallets from Donword – a minimalistic card wallet and their bulkier BiFold wallet. Both wallets come packaged in plastic wrapping and are made from high quality cow leather (available in a wide range of colours). They also boast the ability to block the 13.56 MHz frequency that’s used by most RFID cards. While I don’t hea...[Read More]

Water To Go Filtration System And Bottle Review

Water To Go Filtration System And Bottle Review With this heat wave we are having in the UK, its always recommended to carry water with you. So packing a reusable water bottle is an obvious choice. I’ve been drinking out of the Water to Go water filtration system. Which is a BPA free bottle, which has a 3 in 1 re-useable filter built in. I have been using the 75cl and 50cl versions. The 50cl versi...[Read More]

Review: Zounich 1000ml Sports Water Bottle

We’re always told the importance of keeping hydrated, but it’s hard to do carrying about cups of water – a good water bottle is essential. This one from Zounich is available in 400ml, 500ml, 700ml and extra large 1000ml sizes. The main lid screws off giving you a good wide opening when filling up with water. It also has a little perforated plastic filter insert that prevents fruit or tea bag...[Read More]

Domu VonHaus 32-70″ Tilt TV Bracket Review

Domu 32-70″ Tilt TV Bracket Review Having just spent a huge amount of money on my TV, I decided that the position was all wrong. This lead me to look into a bracket for the wall, which took me to this TV Wall Tilt Bracket from VonHaus. The bracket was well packed and all secure inside the box. Everything was there that was needed to put it on the wall. This included a clear and easy to read ...[Read More]

Review: AidSci Electric Arc Lighter

Still relying on igniting a fuel source with a flint wheel to unleash the power of fire? It’s 2018 folks – we have a gadget for everything. This lighter from AidSci comes nicely packaged in a black cardboard box along with a Micro USB charging cable. It’s almost 10″ long with its head on the end of a 4″ flexible goose-neck arm. This allows you to direct it anywhere yo...[Read More]

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