Microplane Master Series Graters Review

So far this week, we’ve spent time sleeping and cleaning. Now we’re in the kitchen with the Microplane Master Series; my latest ‘go on, treat yourself’ gadgets. I’m getting towards 30 now, and I’m starting to see the value in spending more for a superior product when necessary. Usually, it means better performance and better product-life, plus you get the aesthe...[Read More]

eve Pillows, Duvet and Bedding Review

Sleep; we all do it wrong. Or at least, not as well as we could. I’ve always been one to settle for the cheapest pillows and bedding on the department store shelf. I’ve always thought, “That’s good enough, I’m asleep anyway so what does it matter?” Well, it turns out it really does matter. You’ve probably heard of eve. They’re all about the boxed mattress, makin...[Read More]

Review: Kinzd Carbon Fiber wallet with vertical band

  So over the summer, I’ve checked out quite a few wallets from Kinzd. Heretofore, they’ve lived up to their billing. They are usually made of genuine leather, and function exactly as one would expect. I’ve been sent two more to check out, and this review is about one of them. Admittedly, this one seems another bit of an odd duck, similar to the elastic band with an attached keyr...[Read More]

PetNet SmartFeeder Review

PetNet SmartFeeder Review PetNet have released their long awaited SmartFeeder, fixing a problem a lot of pet owners have. Before the SmartFeeder, I may forget to feed the dog in the morning and so when I get back home I’d have to serve a big portion. The SmartFeeder allows you to fill it with food and program times and amounts to dispense feeding. The SmartFeeder is made up of the base unit,...[Read More]

Nerdwax Review

Nerdwax Review Nerdwax, yep I hadn’t heard about it either. It was a big hit over the pond, and I really wanted to get it in the office to give it a go. The general idea is that if your glasses keep falling down, you pop a bit of nerdwax onto the nose of your glasses, and then it stays! This was one of those products, which I didn’t think I needed until I got it in the office. When I t...[Read More]

Solo Crosby Backpack Review

Solo Crosby Backpack Review isn’t a company I have heard about, but I loved the look of their Crosby Backpack. This backpack is for the tech obsessed commuter, who needs space for their laptop, tablet and protection for their more valuable tech. I was impressed by the initial look of the Crosby Backpack, I had been sent the black colour, and it looked cool and professional. It’s a s...[Read More]

Devolo GigaGate Review

Devolo GigaGate Review The new big thing in tech is Mesh routers . Allowing a home with a poor network signal to be able to branch it out and expand throughout the household. The base unit is plugged into your internet and then the second unit is put at the other end of the house with your devices. They all plug into this second device, and an optimised connection. No need to hide cabling in the c...[Read More]

Review: Oxyled T35 4W LED Desk Lamp

This T35 lamp from Oxyled comes in a cardboard box along with a USB power cable, instruction leaflet and warranty card. It consists strip of 16 LEDs connected to a flat base by a two-part folding arm. The lamp is compact and fairly light, but seems to have been made from high quality materials which combine with modern styling to deliver a lamp which I definitely like the look of sitting on my des...[Read More]

Beldray BEL0562R Max Steam Pro Iron Review

Beldray BEL0562R Max Steam Pro Iron Review The Beldray BEL0562R is a powerful steam iron with some great extras, such as automatic steam generation, vertical steam function and softgrip handle. All of this in a nifty iron man inspired design. The Beldray looks very modern and I loved the hot red with the smoke glass effect. Build quality feels very good. The whole thing feels very sturdy when in u...[Read More]

American Originals Pizza Maker Review

American Originals Pizza Maker Review I am a sucker for a takeaway pizza, but as always I love a kitchen gadget. So when I saw the Pizza Maker from American Originals I knew I had to give it a go. The hot red colour, and ability make pizzas, cook burgers and kebabs, was all the persuading I needed. Setup was easy, give it a quick rinse and then plug it in. The dial on the front controls the temper...[Read More]

Review: Bestek’s flex lamp with USB charger

  Bestek, the online retailer of electronic goods, has recently sent me a lamp for review. On the whole, I like the lamp and I’m glad to have gotten to use it. It’s more flexible than a similar one that I own, but it does have  its flaws. So, let’s see how the last several days have gone for me.   The appearance  of the lamp is nice, but not  without a cost. It’s almost com...[Read More]

MOS Spring USB-C Cable Review

MOS Spring USB-C Cable Review A constant problem I have when using usb cables, is over time, they start to fray and bend at either end. This is normally due to the various positions I use them in to charge my large array of tech devices. MOS have come up with a fantastic solution to this issue, their Spring USB-C Cable. They have made three major changes to the average USB cable: Anodized Aluminum...[Read More]

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