Roku Streaming Stick+ Review

Roku Streaming Stick+ Review I have finally crossed the line and gotten Netflix. But not just Netflix, 4K Netflix, for my big 4K TV. So I thought it best to get a 4K streaming stick to get them all working together. One such device is the the new Roku Streaming Stick+. Now I have enough 4K content to binge on till next Christmas. The streaming stick is the size of a USB drive, so the form factor i...[Read More]

Scary Halloween Decorations From Scary Peepers Review

Scary Halloween Decorations From Scary Peepers Review With the run-up to Halloween, everyone is after the best decorations and costumes. Scary Peeper looks to offer some great decorations, that I have found actually do scare people. Motion Activated Animatronics Scary Peeper Taps on Window All you would do is hang this motion-activated scary peeping tom decoration on the inside or outside of a win...[Read More]

Blink Wireless Security Camera Review

Blink Wireless Security Camera Review A lot of wireless security cameras, all come bundled with a monthly charge. This is normally to use the cool features and is a point of annoyance for a lot of people. So Blink has their wireless security system, which has no on-going cost. Setup is easy, you simply add the included batteries into the camera. Then open the app, scan the barcode of the camera, t...[Read More]

Dicota Active Backpack Review

Dicota Active Backpack Review The Dicota Active Backpack features a huge array of pockets, storage and internal cable management so you can charge everything without taking it all out of your backpack. After using it for a couple of weeks, I can confirm 100% they are telling the truth. This juggernaut of a bag has more pockets and compartments you would ever need. The quality of production that Di...[Read More]

Joule Sous Vide Review

Joule Sous Vide Review I am very new to the world of sous vide cooking, which involves placing food into a sealed bag, and cooking in a hot water bath. But products such as Joule’s sous vide machine makes the whole process so easy. This is the perfect combination of sleek hardware and intuitive software. The app connects easily and uses step by step video guides, to run through cooking. I lo...[Read More]

Shark DuoClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Shark DuoClean  Review The DuoClean Cordless Vacuum from Shark seems to be the answer to my prayers. Looking for a light cordless vacuum that can pick up anything off my floor. The Shark DuoClean needs some assembly before running it around the house. No tools are required, but it did take me around 10 mins to put all together. the instructions are clear, and even a novice will be able to put this...[Read More]

OTTY Pillow Review

OTTY Pillow Review When thinking about the best nights sleep, the pillow has to be as much of a priority as when choosing a mattress when we go to sleep. So it is always good to test out and find a great pillow which suits how you sleep. This was how I came to the Otty pillow and I am still using it. The OTTY pillow uses the same technology they use in their mattresses. For support and comfort, th...[Read More]

RollaReleasa Review

RollaReleasa Review I have a Vax hoover, which has a roller brush. I have found when I started living with my wife this is a lot more hair and threads on the floor. This means that the hoover will get this wrapped around the roller head. It got so bad that I ended up buying a henry hoover and put the Vax in the cuboard. But I have found a way to give it new life and thats the RollaReleasa! The Rol...[Read More]

Ordo Toothbrush Review

Ordo Toothbrush Review I have seen a lot of Shave Club subscription services become available in the UK, and Ordo is now offering an electronic toothbrush with a refill subscription. There is an initial cost of £30 plus £10 every two months for your refill plan. The £30 will get you: – Aluminium electric toothbrush – Travel cap – 80ml whitening & sensitive toothpaste (two-mon...[Read More]

Review: EasySMX V18 and T47 Wired Optical Gaming Mice

A decent gaming mouse can mean the difference between victory and pwnage. Today we’re taking a look at a couple of EasySMX’s latest budget offerings. The cheaper option is the £10.55 / $13.99 V18, while you can get the T47 for a little extra at £14.99 / $16.99. You can definitely see the price difference in terms of general presentation and build quality. The V18 comes in a recycled ca...[Read More]

Review: EasySMX Cool 2000 Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset

The Cool 2000 is a large over-the-ear headset that uses 3 wired cables to connect to your gaming PC by plugging two audio jacks into the 3.5mm microphone and audio-out sockets, plus a USB cable to power the lights. It comes packaged in a cardboard box along with instructions and an adapter that combines the audio and mic jacks into a single 3.5mm jack allowing this headset to also be used with you...[Read More]

Review: Uten Digital Kitchen Scale

If you like to try new recipes or are on a restricted diet then a good kitchen scale is essential. This stainless steel model includes a 5 kg bowl and lets you easily weigh your food with digital accuracy. It comes in a cardboard box along with an instruction leaflet and 2 standard AAA batteries fitted in the compartment within the black plastic base. The scale has a flat round surface with a whit...[Read More]

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