Best Free Casino Apps in the Google Play Store: Top 5

Most of us these days would feel almost like we’d lost a limb if we had to go without our smartphone. They are, after all, many peoples’ main link to the wider world and serve a whole host of other purposes besides. It’s for that reason that many online activities and hobbies which were previously limited to desktop computers or laptops have now moved to be more mobile focussed. Playing slots or o...[Read More]

Trivia Crack 2 Review

Trivia Crack 2 Review Etermax is best known for the popular Trivia Crack games, and I happy to say the long-awaited sequel Trivia Crack 2 has been released! They have kept the beloved multiplayer gameplay, plus added a new game mode for collecting characters, they have considerably improved the visuals, and added loads of new questions covering art, science, history, entertainment, sports, and geo...[Read More]

Honor Announces Global Launch Of Play, Teases the Magic 2

Honor launched the Honor Play today, the first of a game changing new product series to deliver the revolutionary fast gaming and entertainment experience the global gaming industry has been waiting for. Meanwhile, at the Honor Play launch event held on the eve of IFA in Germany, Mr. George Zhao, President of Honor, unexpectedly unveiled the Honor Magic 2, the brand’s new flagship smartphone. The ...[Read More]

Open Sesame! Nominated for Best Accessibility App for the Google Play Awards

Open Sesame! provides a Touch-Free interface for complete control of an Android device through mere head movements   Open Sesame by Sesame Enable was recently selected as a nominee for the annual Google Play Awards in the Best Accessibility App category. Sesame’s technology has truly opened new worlds to an entire population that has been left out of the smart phone revolution – P...[Read More]

Microgaming and virtual reality: The state of play

Microgaming created the first ever online casino gaming platform in 1994, and are always at the forefront of new advances in gaming. They have adapted to changing technological landscapes in recent years and, four months ago at ICE (International Casino Expo) Totally Gaming, demonstrated that they have big plans for virtual reality. How far on are plans for these new VR casino games, and what gami...[Read More]

Review: Motorola X Play

Review: Motorola X Play   In a slightly different approach this year, Motorola launched two “flagship” phones. I now hate the word “flagship,” it has come to mean the bestest, most expensive in the line from a given manufacturer. With Motorola that really isn’t the case in 2015 though. We have the Motorola X Play here at DroidHorizon towers, we’ll be giving...[Read More]

Review: PLAYBULB Candle

Review: PLAYBULB Candle     I am used to smart bulbs, but this is the first smart candle I have reviewed. The Playbulb Candle is meant to recreate the look and smell of a candle, but without out all the fire and wax. This is made out of a low wattage LED that is capable of a wide range of colours. But instead of going into a light socket, it is a portable candle, so is powered by 3 AA ba...[Read More]

Alone – Game Review

 Alone – Game Review   ALONE is a handcrafted, intense survival journey through space. Navigate caves, rip through rocky debris, dodge rocks and comets and test your endurance as you pursue ever higher scores in this ultra fast, procedural runner. Laser Dog have released a cracker here! If you’re a fan of short and very very fast paced games, you’ll certainly enjoy this titl...[Read More]

Ninja Up – Android Game

 Ninja Up – Android Game   Jump as high as you can with the most daring 2D pixel ninja! Will you make careful mini-jumps, or shoot for the moon with wildly high leaps of faith? It’s up to you in this retro arcade adventure that will test your skills unlike any other endless runner. Gameloft have launched a new title that sits nicely in the “grab and play” category. You contr...[Read More]

Tap The Right Gems – Game Review

 Tap The Right Gems – Game Review Once again I’m attracted to a more simple title. I do enjoy playing for 1 hour sessions on my phone or tablet but I seem to review more easy to play but hard to master games like Tap The Right Gems. Considering in one game mode it only lasts 10 seconds if you played slowly, you can enjoy 6 games in one minute and 360 in an hour. In all seriousness Tap The Ri...[Read More]

Bennys Addictive Survival Game

 Bennys Addictive Survival Game Benny is hungry, very hungry and in order to survive he sneaked into enemy’s territory stealing and munching their food. Certainly, they don’t want that and try to stop you by bristling with their prickles and therefore, you should beware of every physical contact! A variety of puffer are among them which are all different in their features. On top of th...[Read More]

Circles & Brain – Review

 Circles & Brain – Review   A simple and familiar game where you have to match the circles shown in order. Yes there are loads of games already like this, but, Circles & Brain offers real time multiplayer 1v1. Pretty sure that’s a unique feature compared to the rest. An uncomplicated game to play, in all honesty but the 1v1 really offers this title a bit more. Myself and t...[Read More]

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