Com2us Partners with Creators of The Walking Dead

Com2us announced today it has partnered with multi-platform production company, Skybound Entertainment, to expand its flagship RPG, Summoners War, into an entertainment franchise across various mediums, including comics, animated series and beyond. This announcement was made via video moments before the final series of matches at the Summoners War World Arena Championship at the Microsoft Theater ...[Read More]

Totally app-dicted: the five most iconic mobile games of the last 20 years revealed

It’s official – we’re a nation that loves to play games on our mobile. Recent research suggests mobile gaming is big business – 47% of UK smartphone users use their device to play games, compared to just 40% who use it for online banking and 33% who use it to read the news. From the old days of giving ourselves finger strain from playing hours of Snake on our Nokia 3310s, to the recent...[Read More]

Amazon Hot New Releases

Amazon Appstore is now showing their best-selling new releases on the homepage of the Appstore website, and we wanted to share this week’s top 5 hot new releases below.   1. Toca Lift: Hospital Toca Boca – £2.40   Took Boca, an award-winning play studio that makes digital apps for kids, has released its latest instalment!    Experience the excitement of a busy medical center with Toca L...[Read More]

STOP THE VIRUS! Hothead Games Announces Infectious Zombie Mobile Shooter Game

Kill the zombies before the virus kills you — and all of humanity!   Hothead Games, the developer and publisher of top-grossing shooter games on mobile, announced today the upcoming release of the creepiest, most vivid zombie shooter game on mobile, Kill Shot Virus. The third installment of the company’s adrenaline-fueled Kill Shot franchise will be available for iOS and Android devices...[Read More]

Hasbro and Marmalade Game Studio extend their relationship with the introduction of the mobile game CLUEDO

Hasbro licensed Marmalade Game Studio launches its mobile version of the iconic Cluedo on Android and iOS games globally   Marmalade Game Studio and Hasbro have expanded their relationship to bring another prestigious brand of world-class games to mobile devices. The Marmalade digital version of the CLUE / CLUEDO game is the first true conversion of the classic family game for mobile devices,...[Read More]

Race Into the Holidays With Festive Delights From

However you plan to spend the holiday season, leading games platform, will ensure the fun is full throttle, thanks to a fresh new haul of free to play online, mobile and PC downloadable games.     The site has packed in more fresh titles than ever this December, including a full fleet of ultra fast and furiously good fun car games. With many players looking forward to a f...[Read More]

World Chef now available on Google Play

Create and manage your very own high-end restaurant with the launch of free app, World Chef! Recreate high-end dishes, make your own wine and even tend to the special orders of your VIP customers. Social Point, the leading mobile games company and the creator of Dragon City, aims to fulfill the dreams of players around the world who have longed to design, decorate and manage their own restaurant. ...[Read More]

The Best Accessories For A Mobile Gamer

Despite the many advantages and conveniences that come with the mobile platform, when it comes to hardcore gamers, things can get a little redundant. If you’re a mobile gamer still pushing around characters with your two, bare, unassisted thumbs, you’re probably growing sick of it. What you need are accessories, add-ons that can enhance the mobile gaming experience in not only gameplay, but versat...[Read More]

City 2048

Hi guys it’s me again, your friendly DroidHorizon Android app reviewer and today ive got a great game called City 2048. The original version if 2048 was released in May 2014 and a year later the Play Store is flooded with clones and to be honest it can be an annoyance sifting through the worst of them, sometimes however it can pay off . City 2048 is a fantastic clone of the original where th...[Read More]

Review: Into The Dead – The Zombie Apocalypse

Review: Into The Dead – The Zombie Apocalypse One thing I have noticed since having my android device is the abundance of apps and games that are very similar in either nature or visuals, into the dead by pik pok is an endless runner similar to many before it, however what pik pok have done is produce one of the best mobile games I have played to date (and that’s a lot). What pik pok h...[Read More]

Shade Runner

Shade Runner by Péter Pandula   Endless rhythm games are nothing new to the mobile gaming world but it’s always nice to see different takes on them. With Shade runner you have to guide a rolling ball down a tiled road avoiding the differently shaded tiles. The game starts out nice and easy but quickly gets harder and harder as the ball picks up momentum and the shades of the tiles becom...[Read More]

Random Heroes 3

  Random Heroes 3 The conclusion to the random heroes trilogy is finally out on android after 6 months of being on IOS but it’s better now it’s on android because… reasons!!!!!!! Aliens are again trying to invade after you took the fight to their home world in random heroes 2. You have 75 levels and 3 boss battles to fight though to save Earth. To help you complete your mission yo...[Read More]

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