Lumsing Glory P2 Plus Battery Bar Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed a battery bar and even then it was a slim personal unit I looked at. This time I have a more standard type device from Lumsing. DESIGN Removing the Lumsing from the box it’s clear to see that it wont win any awards for design. It’s not that it’s particularly ugly or awkward to use, but it looks the same as a what seems like a million other...[Read More]

Review: Askborg ChargeCube M021 20800mAh Power Bank

With a brand name that will appeal to Star Trek fans, this 20800mAh M021 model is currently the largest capacity power bank in Askborg’s ChargeCube range. Inside the cardboard box along with the battery itself you get an instruction leaflet and a Micro USB charging cable. Rather than actually being a cube, this power bank has the usual rounded slab design that’s about the same width as my S7 Edge ...[Read More]

Review: EC Technology Compact 12000mAh USB-C Power Bank

If your latest gadget comes with reversible and higher amplitude USB Type C connector goodness, chances are you’re looking for a new power bank to match. As well as the usual Micro USB input and USB-A output ports, this compact external battery from EC Technology boasts a handy little USB-C combined input/output port. The other remarkable thing about this power bank is that they’ve managed to cram...[Read More]

Review: Promate Charger Trio 3-in-1 Dual USB 3.4A Car Charger

In our latest charging solution review, we’re taking a look at the Trio 3-in-1 Dual USB 3.4A Car Charger from Promate.   The best consumer accessories are those that make your day-to-day grind that little bit more convenient. Something that is easy to use, is reasonably priced and does what you expect from it is what I wanted when the guys from Mobile Fun sent me the Promate 3-in-1. I n...[Read More]

Review: EC Technology’s mirrored charging pad

Having landed a Nexus 6 about a year ago, I’ve really come to appreciate wireless charging. I tend to use them during the day, when I’m prone to pick it up and put it back down on a frequent basis, as well as overnight. I like how they preserve the charging port. In using them, I’ve also come to appreciate how some stand out from the crown, in their appearance. This one from EC T...[Read More]

Review: J-Bonest Surge Protection Power Strip with USB

I never seem to have enough power sockets, and even when I do they’re usually filled with individual USB chargers to power my various gadgets. That’s where this UK power strip from J-Bonest comes in. Not only does it turn 1 UK mains socket into 4 surge protected sockets, but it also gives you an additional 4 USB charging ports. This trailing socket has a thick cable and heat-resistant plastic shel...[Read More]

Review: EC Technology’s 10,400 mAh Power Bank

With as phones getting more powerful, and screen getting an ever increasing number of pixels, it just makes sense for people to carry around spare batteries. I’ve been trying out one by EC Technology, that’s larger than the others that I’ve used. Frankly, I like it’s shape, capacity, and “future proofing”. This one could easily become my daily driver, to carry w...[Read More]

Review: EC Technology’s wireless charging pad

EC Technology is a company that sells a variety of products. I’ve had the pleasure of trying out one of their wireless charging pads this week. Of all the charging pads that I’ve tried, this one looks the nicest. The unit is all black on the top, and a metallic looking gray on the bottom, as well as all around its side. The unit is oblong, being round at the ends and straight along the...[Read More]

Review: Omaker’s three port USB car charger

Omaker sells what they call “lifestyle accessories”. What they offer includes things that range from Bluetooth speakers, two lamps, two cables. This week, I’ve been using one of their USB car chargers. I’m home, I’m pretty fond of this thing. The design and appearance of this charger is fairly simple. There’s No Frills to it, the entire unit is black or grey, wi...[Read More]

Review: EC Technology USB Solar Charger

I’ve always liked the idea of solar products but as we don’t get a lot of sun where I live and in the past I’ve been disappointed with their performance. However I thought this solar charger was worth checking out since the technology has been advancing and it has 3 fairly large panels that offer up to 23.5% efficiency and up to a 5V 2A charge from its two USB output ports. The 3 panels are sewn i...[Read More]

Review: EC Technology Qi Wireless Charging Pad

This charging pad from EC Technology lets you charge any device that’s compatible with Qi wireless charging. The oblong pad is a decent size suitable for larger phones as it’s just over 6” long and 4” wide. It also contains 3 coils which means it’s a lot less fussy how you position your phone. It has an acrylic glass and aluminium build that gives it a premium feel compared to a lot of the plastic...[Read More]

Poseidon Portable Charger Review

Poseidon Portable Charger Review The awesomely named Poseidon Charger was designed to keep all your devices running, no matter where you are. This 10,000 mAh battery isn’t the biggest we have looked at, but that’s not its main selling point. The Poseidon is IP68 waterproof (fully submersible) and surpasses military drop-testing standards. With two charging ports capable of a combined 3...[Read More]

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