Review: EasySMX Kids Volume Limited Headphones

If your kid’s gadgets are too noisy then getting them their own headphones is a great solution. However as soon as your back is turned, you know they’ll have the volume cranked to 11 and doing their little eardrums no end of damage. These wired on-ear headphones from EasySMX are especially designed for kids between 3 and 12 years old. Available in pink or blue/yellow versions, they’re a little sma...[Read More]

Review: Syllable D900 Mini Truly Wireless Sweatproof Earbuds

Completely wireless earbuds. I’ve always wanted to try this form factor, as I’ve been using bluetooth headphones for a while now. It’s time for everyone to give up on the wired headphones. But that’s none of my business. I’m not sure if the perfect pair are out there, but I’m definitely willing to give these Syllable D900’s a couple weeks of my time. My wo...[Read More]

Review: EC Technology Bluetooth Sports Headset

After reviewing a pair of Bluetooth earhook earphones from EC Technology around a month ago, now it’s the turn of a second slightly different pair. They have a similar earhook design, include the same accessories and have the same audio performance and battery life – they even cost around the same. As they’re so similar, rather than rehash the previous review, I’ll link to it here and point ...[Read More]

Review: iClever’s headphones designed for kids

iClever sells headphones that are designed for kids. They have a couple of seasonal sets, as well as a “year ’round” one. It was this last one that I got to try out. Here’s how things went. The model that I opted to try out were pink headphones, with cat-like ears on the top. The entire unit is made of plastic, and is colored in two different shades of pink. The earphones r...[Read More]

Review: EC Technology Bluetooth Earhook Sports Headphones

This sports headset from EC Technology comes in a cardboard box along with a micro USB charging cable, instruction leaflet plus small and large replacement ear tips in case the fitted medium size doesn’t suit your ears. The headphones consist of two individual earpieces with flexible ear-hooks, connected with a flat rubberized cable. The ear-hooks were very comfortable and did a good job of keepin...[Read More]

ME01 Earphones from Master and Dynamics Review

ME01 Earphones from Master and Dynamics Review Master and Dynamic (M&D) are the manufacturers of one of my favourite over-ear headphones the MH40. I am now looking at their in-ear headphones, the ME01s. These guys still rock that industrial look, whilst combining it with a fantastic sound. I love the amount of work M&D put into the look of their products. The differences of metal and rubbe...[Read More]

Review: iClever BTH06 Bluetooth Sports Headphones

This black Bluetooth headset comes in a cardboard box along with an instruction leaflet, a short micro USB charging cable and loads of different sized ear-tips and ear-hooks in case you prefer them over the fitted medium sized versions. The headphones themselves have two earpieces fitted with flexible ear-hooks, each with a matte plastic shell. They are connected by a thin rubberized cable that ru...[Read More]

Review: iClever IC-BTH07 Bluetooth Sports Earphones

This sports headset comes in a cardboard box along with a short micro USB charging cable, instruction leaflet plus spare large and small sized ear tips. The headphones consist of two individual black earpieces with flexible ear-hooks, connected with a flat rubberized green cable that runs along the back of the head or under the neck. I found them extremely comfortable right out of the box – ...[Read More]

Review – Savfy Neckband Wireless Sports Headset

Picking a headset can be a complicated task these days, wired or wireless, buds or cans, clip over or push in, there are a ton of choices beyond sound quality and price. the Savfy neckband sports headset is a bluetooth unit marketed towards the active user. That being the case comfort and durability will be high up the agenda for their target audience. DESIGN The main body of the Savfy is made up ...[Read More]

Panasonic WINGS Premium Wireless Bluetooth Sport Clips Review

Panasonic WINGS Premium Wireless Bluetooth Sport Clips Review I wasn’t aware but the Panasonic Wireless WINGS earphones are the official headphones of Rio 2016. So I was buzzing to get my hands on them and learn what makes them good enough for the world’s athletes. These earphones are obviously aimed at the keep fit people in the world, but I found them to be a perfect substitute for a...[Read More]

Review: UBSOUND Orchestra In-Ear Earphones

When I heard UBSOUND have a new pair of budget earphones available, I was curious to see how they stacked up against their higher end Dreamer On-Ear Headphones and Fighter In-Ear Earphones (which I’d reviewed in the past). These both had impressive audio performance, but I’d expect more than a few compromises with their new Orchestra earbuds since they have a very reasonable £20/$24 price tag. Alo...[Read More]

Review: Rock Jaw Audio Clarito Wired In-Ear Headphones

We’ve previously reviewed version 1 and version 2 of Rock Jaw Audio’s Alfa Genus headphones that include interchangeable tuning filters, but today we’re taking a look at their Clarito in-ear headphones for those who have no need of such things and would prefer to save a few bucks. Inside the box along with the headphones you get a drawstring pouch, an instruction leaflet and spare silicone small, ...[Read More]

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