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eve Pillows, Duvet and Bedding Review

Sleep; we all do it wrong. Or at least, not as well as we could. I’ve always been one to settle for the cheapest pillows and bedding on the department store shelf. I’ve always thought, “That’s good enough, I’m asleep anyway so what does it matter?” Well, it turns out it really does matter. You’ve probably heard of eve. They’re all about the boxed mattress, makin...[Read More]


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Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 – Review

Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 Early in the year Sandisk showed off its new dual USB drive at CES2015. With the amount of chatter about it from Android blogs its far from surprising it picked up an award for “Best Business Gadget”. 92 days have past since then and one has finally turned up on my desk. So have Sandisk just upgraded it to USB 3.0? Is it worth the upgrade? Let’s find out. For...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases x2

Thanks to our very good friends at Yoshie & Nico we have another great giveaway!! Why not take a look around over there for some funky accessories at very reasonable prices. Not just covers and cases for Android phones, they stock for tablets, iPads leads, and cables the lot.  Awesome!! Must also add they are very nice people when we have been sending emails back and forth. UK ONLY GIVEAWAY. U...[Read More]



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MOFi Vintage Classical Card Case for OnePlus 3T

In our latest Cases and Covers review, we take a look at the MOFi Vintage Classical Card Case for OnePlus 3T and original OnePlus 3, obviously.   Phone protection comes in various styles and finishes to suit the market. There’s likely no winner in which is the best, be it in looks, how it protects or even added features and price. I’ve spent the last four weeks using this particul...[Read More]



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Review: Paramount Hard Case Nexus 6P

In our latest Cases and Covers review, we take a look at the Paramount Hard Case for the Nexus 6P. This is a minimal case from Paramount for the Nexus 6P available in a choice of 5 colours, black, gold, jade green, blue and red. The red case I received was a very classy looking wine red and really helps to enhance the looks and style of the Nexus 6P (aluminium), and no doubt a black 6P would look ...[Read More]

Official OnePlus One slim case – Review

 Official OnePlus One slim case – Review We’ve reviewed a fair few cases and covers for a wide range of devices over the years here at DroidHorizon.com. Some good, some average and some damn right awful. Take a look back at our Not Great Shield review, the last case I reviewed for the OnePlus One. To be fair that wallet case retailed at £7 or so, I’d mentioned at the time that yo...[Read More]

Poetic Motorola G (2014) FlipBOOK Series – Review

 Poetic Motorola G (2014) FlipBOOK Series – Review   Today we’re going to have a look at the FlipBOOK Series by Poetic for the Motorola G 2014 or 2nd generation if you prefer. You’ll have noticed the striking colour combination already, I’m more than comfortable owning a magenta and purple case. (Not really, I got this for my wife.) Poetic are a brand that are fairly p...[Read More]

New Poll – Do you use protection? (A case or cover)

               Image via Cruzerlite New Poll – Do you use protection? (A case or cover) Here at DroidHorizon we have reviewed plenty of cases, covers, bumpers and wallets. All these offer different levels of protection and possibly something unique in design or in materials used in manufacturing. Prices vary from just a few bucks to somewhere around $40 for the better quality case. You’...[Read More]

Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid, Nexus 5 – Review

  Purchasing a case or cover for your brand new device can be a potential minefield. Do you go for something with max protection that adds bulk. Or do you prefer something that’s light, subtle or barely there. I’d say most people would prefer a balance between the two. The Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Nexus 5 offers a middle ground. Superior protection without taking away the device&...[Read More]

[Accessory] Poetic Slimline Case | Nexus 7

          Those of you looking for a slim and sexy case may want to check this one out.  Poetic recently updated it’s Slimline series cases for the Google Nexus 7 slate and it’s evident that they’ve been listening to the consumer because this product is absolutely wonderful.  I think you’ll agree.  I grabbed mine off Amazon for $15.    For starters,...[Read More]

Design our new avatar, win a prize.

    Our very good friends over at gadgetwear.co.uk have offered a prize of a £20 evoucher to spend on their site to the best entrant, picked by the DroidHorizon team, who designs our next avatar. The competition will run for a month and we’ll reshare this article a few times between now and then. This is open to everyone to enter but you’ll have to be a follower on our prefer...[Read More]

Nillkin, Huawei Ascend G300 case review (Black)

(Please excuse the lesser quality photos)   I’m between phones at the minute so I grabbed myself the Huawei Ascend G300 a mid level Chinese made Android device around the £130 mark. I got it cheaper on special offer locked on Vodafone but soon sorted that out, anyway… I stumbled upon this Nillkin case.   Materials Made from TPU like most cases and covers in this price range, ...[Read More]

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